What We Eat Matters

Our bodies are designed to eat whole foods, mostly plant-based. We can eat meat but we should do so sparingly. Supplements also need to be from plant-based, natural food sources. We need to supplement because our food is often deplete of critical nutrition. Processed food has been stripped of essential nutrients. Even whole foods have lost significant levels of nutrition so it is imperative we supplement. Nutrition is a complex function within the body. Isolated, naked chemicals made from man-made sources are often not recognized in the body in the same way natural, food-matrixed nutrients are. There are three key areas where clarification and education are greatly needed. The marketing hype and ever-prevalent marketing deception make it nearly impossible for people to decipher between what’s helpful and needed verses what can actually be harmful. In your Wellness Journey Welcome Kit, you will find A Wellness Journey DVD, which includes a 77-minute class where we elaborate on the these critical areas of concern:

  • Altered Food How the foundation of our food has been altered and its consequences.
  • Vitamins & Minerals What’s natural about being synthetic? as it applies to supplementation.
  • The Science of Glycobiology What is glycosylation and how does it affect the proper function of your immune system?

What we eat (whether in food or supplements) really does matter!

Altered Food Glycobiology


The General Public Hasn’t Heard What Science Has Discovered…

For example, scientists originally believed the language of communication in the body was rooted in amino acids and proteins. But the science of glycobiology has since the early 1990’s, led to the discovery of a far more extensive language of sugar-nutrients (glycans). The study of glycobiology has revealed that these glycans play a critical role for immune system, digestive system, cognitive function, and all other body functions.

Marketing Deception Certainly Won’t Bring Us Up to Speed…

Another example, cholesterol is not a significant contributor to heart disease even though we are still led to believe this. Over half of the people who suffer a first heart attack have good cholesterol! But companies market their food as heart-healthy because it “reduces cholesterol.” Drug companies promote statin drugs as “lowering cholesterol.” They make these claims despite the prevailing evidence that cholesterol is not an indicator for heart disease. These types of findings and practices don’t get the attention consumers, individuals, and health care professionals deserve to understand. Our GrassRoots Movement is dedicated to provide exposure to education in Altered Food, Vitamins & Minerals, and the Science of Glycobiology to shine a light on marketing hype and the marketing deception which seek to keep the public in the dark.


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