“There’s An Elephant In The Room”


JOIN US for a Two-Day Wellness Journey

GRM Sponsored Summit

October 20-21, 2017
9:00 AM – 9:00 PM (each day)

Early Bird Registration through September 15, 2017: $97.00

September 16 through October 19: $129.00

Pay at the Door on October 20: $144.00

Lunch on Saturday is on us– scroll down to see everything else that’s included!


Eventbrite - 2017 GRM Summit

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Expert Speakers  (Bios and Pictures)

Topics include:

  • Can sugar be a nutrient?
    • How the Immune System Communicates–what’s Nutritional Glycobiology?
    • Cancer and Apoptosis–how Programmed Cell Death contributes to Life
    • How Sugar and Protein Determine Disease–what is a Glycoprotein?
    • The difference between Infant Formula and Mother’s Breast Milk
    • How Sugar Determines Your Blood Type?
  • Food Additives
    • Do These Chemicals Cause Addictions?
    • Real Life Strategies for Feeding Families in Today’s World
  • What is GMO?
    • Genetic Engineering–The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    • Hybridization–What’s Happened to Gluten?
  • Cannabis As Medicine?
    • Why the Controversy?
  • The Drug Epidemic
    • Are Opioids Killing Us?
    • Finding Natural Ways to Support the Immune System
  • Thyroid, Adrenal Glands and Hormones Out of Whack?
    • Creating Balance
    • Infertility, Pregnancy and Newborn Support 
  • The Future of Food
    • Growing your own Micro-Greens?
  • Ancient Grains–are they better than modern wheat?
    • Natural Yeast–can Bread be Good for the Gut?
  • Why does Raw Milk Get a Raw Deal?
  • Synthetic Vitamins and Inorganic Minerals–are they hurting us?
    • What does “Natural” really mean?


Extras Included in the Two-Day Summit

  • Experiential Learning
    • Intermingled throughout the Summit–this aspect alone is worth the two days
  • Raw Food Chef Demo
    • With option for eating what she prepares (additional $10– limited to first 40 registrants)
  • How to Cook without heavy metals leaching into your food
    • Cooking Demo with option for eating what she prepares (additional $10– limited to first 40 registrants)
  • Be a part of history as we film the lectures to be included in the upcoming Docu-Series
  • Lunch on Saturday

Eventbrite - 2017 GRM Summit


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