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Our live Wellness Journey Classes are an opportunity for you to come to a class and feel like we are ALL together even though the miles separate us. These live webinars allow for the most current education to be given in the privacy of your own home OR with a group of others in a community room setting. (TAB down to see complete list.)

In our informal Wellness Support Group webinars we cover different topics in every session. Scroll down to see the topics and come to just listen in or actively participate in whatever way is comfortable to you. As always these groups are available so we can meet together in support of each other and our wellness journeys. These groups meet monthly, are not sales meetings and they are free. You must register as the spots are limited.

All Webinar times are in MOUNTAIN time.

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Wellness Journey Classes:

Wellness Support Groups

Subject: Diabetes--The Growing Epidemic

 Subject: Immunotherapy--the GMO of Cancer Treatments

Subject: Skin Cancer--the BEC5 Story


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