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Nutrition From Food

I didn’t grow up taking supplements. I always believed our bodies were designed to get what we needed from our food. However, it became apparent by the time I was 30 years old that I was not getting enough nutrition even after we changed our diet to eat real, whole food. My health had declined for many years which compelled me to seek out help from a very well-respected nutritionist in my community. For the first time in my life, I began supplementing.

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

I was taking approximately 50 different vitamins, minerals, and herbs, for many years before I finally asked myself, “If all these supplements are what my body needs in order for my immune system to function properly, how come I’m barely getting through the day?” And I wasn’t getting through the day very well! There were many days I was on the brink of dialing 911.

This motivated my husband to look into the supplement industry. He wanted to know what these supplements were. We just assumed that if the bottle said they were natural then they must be safe for me to eat. What a shock to find out that nearly all of the 50 different supplements I was taking, were not helpful, some in fact were definitely not safe for me to eat at all, according to the studies my husband found. These studies, conducted by the pharmaceutical companies themselves in the mid-1990’s, resulted in disturbing findings that halted them, and yet these supplements were never pulled from the marketplace.

Studies Published in the New England Journal of Medicine

  • Effects of a Combination of Beta Carotene and Vitamin A on Lung Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease, New England Journal of Medicine, May 2, 1996
    • 18,314 smokers and asbestos workers
    • Death from lung cancer increased 46%
    • Death from cardiovascular disease increased 26%
  • Teratogenicity of High Vitamin A Intake, New England Journal of Medicine, Nov 23, 1995
    • 22,000 pregnant women
    • Birth defects increased 400%

Beta carotene and vitamin A in natural, whole food, plant-based form are not bad—they are essential for human health! These studies demonstrated the synthetic, man-made chemical versions sold in 95 percent of all supplements were not recognized by our bodies in the same way as the natural forms and can be extremely dangerous.

Alleviating Supplement Confusion

One of the things we noticed as we have been teaching classes in communities all over North America and in Europe since 2004, is how much confusion there is surrounding supplements. People are as confused as I was for many years when trying to decipher what’s really safe and what’s not. People don’t understand what is utilized by the body and what isn’t. And it is a shock to discover how much money is wasted on ineffective supplements, not to mention, how dangerous they can be for human consumption. This is all part of the typical struggle most people have when trying to understand the supplement industry and how to decipher their labels.

This is why we developed and offer our Consumer Awareness Guide, What’s Natural About Being Synthetic?. You can download it for free here. (We also offer the tri-fold brochure version in your Wellness Journey Welcome Kit.)


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