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Is Your Food Safe?

When it comes to our food, we think someone is looking out for us. When we go into the grocery store, we think we should be able to trust the food is safe for us to eat. At least it never occurred to me that I should worry about what was on the shelves. Boy, was I in for a surprise…

The truth is, no one is looking out for us. The only thing we can be sure of is that marketing hype and deception are prevalent. We have to be proactive and get in front of education so we can make informed decisions about the food we eat!

Altered Food

Your Wellness Journey Welcome Kit includes our A Wellness Journey 77-minute  class on DVD. This class provides exposure to education focusing on altered food, vitamin and mineral supplements, and the science of glycobiology. The critical areas of concern with altered food we address are:

  1. Nutritional decline due to soil depletion and green harvesting and what that means for even organic, non-GMO food.
  2. Modern wheat vs. ancient wheat as over-hybridized wheat has serious ramifications for human health.
  3. GMO produce and seeds and why over 60 countries have laws limiting and/or banning GMOs altogether.



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