The Mission of Angie’s Option GRM is to flood communities throughout the world with an option for strictly educational classes so people can make decisions for their own health and wellness based on education without being subjected to marketing hype and the sometimes blatant marketing deception which is so prevalent in the wellness industry today.

As part of that mission, we offer many options for classes and/or courses to help you in your wellness journey or to just give you more options for learning in these critical areas of concern.  Listed below are the different options, some free and some for a fee. We invite you to click on the title which interests you, learn more about it, get dates, times, and register!

If you are participating in the GRM as a Licensed Certified Facilitator (LCF), please be sure you are logged in to the back office so you can access the courses that have a fee at the GRM rate.


Free Webinars:

Wellness Journey Class & Wellness Support Group Webinars

Our one hour, Wellness Journey Class (WJC) webinar is an opportunity for you to come to an online class right from your own home which makes it easier for busy schedules. This is our most popular class geared toward the general public and gives a great overview of these three areas of concern:

1) Altered Food–How the foundation of our food has been altered

2) Supplementation–What’s natural about being synthetic as it has to do with vitamins and minerals

3) Glycobiology–What is Glycosylation and how does it affect the proper functioning of our immune systems?

In our monthly, one hour, informal Wellness Support Group (WSG) webinars, we cover 3 different and varied topics – one from each of the three areas of concern. This is a wonderful opportunity to come meet and interact with people from all over the country and beyond as we meet together in support each other and our individual wellness journey’s.


Educational Courses

These two-hour webinars highlight different topics based on popular demand. Check out the topics and register for one or more.


Certification Courses

This certification is designed for LCFs who wish to teach portions of our Wellness Journey Class (WJC) in their own community representing the GRM. It is also a valuable opportunity for those who would like a more in-depth look at the concepts presented in the WJC. The certification consists of three-10 hour courses focusing on the three areas of concern we cover in the WJC. The first-10 hour course covers Altered Food; the second covers Supplementation–Natural Versus Synthetic; and the third covers the Science of Glycobiology. The training is provided via live webinar and ends with an open-note course assessment and a student-created presentation to demonstrate comprehension of the materials (for those wanting to certify competence for teaching). The webinars will be recorded for students to view on-demand and a certificate will be awarded at the successful completion of the course.


Hosted or Live Community Classes

Due to our monthly webinars, in-person classes are not frequently held.  But when one is scheduled, you will find it by clicking the link above.

Our Licensed Certified Facilitators host Free Education Community Classes all over North America, Europe and beyond. If you would like to attend one, click here to see the schedule for dates, locations, and flyers with more information. Live classes are those held where the Founders, Angie and Larry Law, personally teach. Hosted classes are facilitated via DVD by one of our Licensed Certified Facilitators.




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