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There are three separate courses taught by Larry Law.  Each course focuses on one of the three areas: Altered Food, Supplementation, and Glcyobiology.  Each course consists of five, two-hour classes provided via webinar for a total of ten hours per course (30 hours total for all three). At the end of each course, GRM participants wishing to certify to be able to teach the material in “A Wellness Journey” class (representing the GRM) will complete a multiple choice open book exam and turn in a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation. Those who do not want to certify to teach can take the course without completing any end-of-course requirements. The webinars will be recorded for students to view on-demand and a certification certificate will be awarded at the successful completion of the course.

Register for 1, 2 or all 3 courses.  Registering for all three together results in a 15 % savings over purchasing the three courses separately.  Choose the payment option that’s best for you at checkout:

Single payment of  $757.00 (15% off the price of the three courses if purchased separately)

3 payments of  $264.95 (10% off the price of the three courses if purchased separately)

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Altered Food – A Famine in the Land – $297.00

How we lost nutrition in our food – modern farm practices, hybridization and genetic engineering

Course Objectives

The course provides a historical and foundational background on how our food has been altered during the last century. The loss of nutrition attributed to modernized, industrialized farming techniques, soil depletion, and green harvesting is discussed. Hybridization efforts focused particularly on wheat and its effect on gluten are overviewed. Studies affecting how modern wheat gluten affects the gastrointestinal tract, our brain, and the resulting disease states are explored. The history, evolution, and science behind genetic engineering are presented as well as the resulting repercussions to human and animal health.

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Supplementation – A Look At What’s Natural About Being Synthetic – $297.00

Course Objectives

The course provides a historical and foundational overview of synthetic versus natural supplements. The differences between the two types of supplementation will be covered. Studies documenting the adverse effects of synthetic and inorganic supplements will be outlined. The essential role vitamins and minerals play in our immune system will be discussed. The issues surrounding calcium and bone health will be emphasized.  Disease states related to mineral deficiencies will be presented.

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Glycobiology – the Study of Biological Sugar Chains – $297.00

Course Objectives

The course provides a foundational background for the roles of sugars in health and disease as related to the science of glycobiology. Genetics versus epigenetics and various metabolic pathways involving sugar are overviewed.  How sugar impacts the human immune system from the Krebs Cycle, glycolysis, glycosylation, advanced glycation end (AGE) products, apoptosis, tumor necrosis factor, diabetes and brain development/function. A major class of molecules called glycoproteins and their role in cell attachment, cell recognition, cell receptor/communication, lubrication, immunologic function, and transport are discussed.  Studies funded by the National Cancer institute investigating the role of these sugars in pancreatic, breast, and ovarian cancer are discussed.  Also, studies reported in the journal of Science concerning the role of these sugars in reducing inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases are reviewed.

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