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Bread Demo #1




Bread Demo #2




Bread Class Clips

Below a series of clips from a bread-making class in July 2016


1) Intro to Ancient Grains,
2) Better Choice through ancient Grains, Gluten and Protein


3) The “Sponge” How To
4) The “Sponge” Complete

5) Rolled Kamut Cereal

6) Ancient Grain Kamut Substitute

7) Know Your Dough

8) The “Window”

9) Kneaded, Soft, Tacky, Shape into Loaf

10) Tools

Abigail’s Oven Story

Ancient Grain last knead before putting into loaf pan to rise and bake
Kneading your Sourdough last time before baking

Baked Loaf of Kamut Bread picture

Baked Loaf of Kamut Bread


Kelsie’s Pan Demo #1


Kelsie’s Pan Demo #2








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