About Angie’s Option GRM

Angie’s Option GRM began galvanizing like-minded people in 2010 because of the tremendous demand for the classes they’d been teaching since 2004 in communities all over North America and beyond. To keep up with the demand it became imperative to work together with others, and the GRM (GrassRoots Movement) was born!

The GRM facilitates classes which provide exposure to education on altered food, supplements, and glycobiology. These strictly educational classes are geared toward the general public as well as healthcare professionals. Between Angie’s corporate team and GRM-Certified Facilitators, they are building a growing network of passionate people who are helping their message attain global reach and serve as many communities as possible around the world.


Angie & Larry Law

About Angie and Larry

Larry studied extensively seeking answers and help for Angie as there were no other options available for her with her chronic and debilitating health concerns. They recognized together the tremendous need for her own healthcare providers to have a working knowledge in the science of Glycobiology. As Larry has studied since 2004 in this field, nearing 40 thousand hours, he has become an expert and along with his exhaustive study on how our food has been altered and the dangers of synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals, his gifted ability to impart this complicated material has made him a favorite sought-after teacher.

In 2006 Angie and Larry formed Angie’s Option, Inc and dedicated it to providing exposure to education, options most would not otherwise have access to. They founded a GrassRoots Movement (GRM) in which they galvanize like-minded people. This volunteer organization certifies facilitators who help flood communities throughout the world with an option for this education through their classes. These strictly educational classes allow people to make decisions for their health and wellness based on education rather than the marketing hype and deception that is prevalent today.


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