The first published evaluation of electrodermal activity (EDA) involving a galvanometer made by Zyto was published in the journal Missouri Medicine (114:238-244, 2017). Galvanometers pass a weak current between electrodes pressed to the skin and measures the resistance between them. The traditional theory of EDA proposes that skin resistance varies with the state of sweat glands located in the skin. Sweating is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. Electrical current (skin conductance) is an indication of psychological or physiological activity. If the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system is highly aroused, then sweat gland activity also increases, which in turn increases skin conductance. In this way, scientists can assess skin conductance as a measure of emotional and sympathetic responses. However, other electrical characteristics besides conductance (resistance, potential, impedance, admittance, etc.) suggest that EDA is a legitimate but very complex field.

The FDA has approved the Zyto machine as a galvanometer (galvanic skin measurement device) but not as a diagnostic device. Electrodermal diagnostic devices cannot be legally marketed in the U.S., and importing them is banned. The Zyto machine comes with extensive software claiming to evaluate 20 organs within the body to determine how well they are functioning. It tests various nutritional remedies to see what would be the best recommendation for the person whose hand sits in the cradle of the machine. It generates colorful charts and graphs meant to impress the patient with the scientific validity of its diagnosis. But it is all fake.

When I first saw a machine claim to evaluate the 8 glycobiology sugars within the body – I knew it was preposterous. Evaluating the voltage differential between two electrodes on the skin was supposed to assess the 1 million sugar antennas on each of the 60 trillion cells? Not happening! So, I was glad to finally see a study scientifically testing the machine and validating my opinion.

Dr. Barrett performed 43 basic and nutritional scans over a ten-day period. The results showed no consistency. The most telling oneĀ  involved his gallbladder test. The results were within range 8 times, high 4 times, and low 4 times. That’s a perfect bell curve which signifies the machine is randomly guessing. All of his organs were similar. What is instructive about the gallbladder test, is that Dr. Barrett doesn’t have a gallbladder–it was removed years before! The same inconsistent results occurred in food categories to avoid–it varied each time the test was conducted.

Dr. Barrett applied a statistical test on the data to confirm that it was no different than random–the device measures nothing. It is not reliable. It cannot duplicate results. It is a hoax. It is unfortunate because there are legitimate electromagnetic fields within the body that are being studied but need more research. For example, the sugar nutrients are critical within the cardiovascular system (vascular endothelium) and create a force field which allows the blood to ride above the surface, epithelial cells and flow with reduced friction. This also reduces stress on the heart. Electro-magnetic fields are real within the body but unfortunately this machine is not capable of evaluating them. For more information, see page 159 in my book.

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