Standard cancer treatments are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The success rates for these protocols are pretty dismal. A promising new treatment approach involves the science of glycobiology. It is called immunotherapy and the goal is to enlist the patient’s immune system to fight cancer. Natural, alternative treatment approaches have always employed this approach but to see it from the medical community is encouraging even though it is a synthetic, genetically engineered approach.

The official name is CAR T-Cell therapy. CAR stands for Chimeric Antigen Receptor. T-cells are one of the body’s cancer fighting immune system cells. If you have cancer, it is a sign that the body’s communication signalling system is not working. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common cancer in children. For children whose cancer returns after standard of care treatment, this cancer is terminal. Relapsed ALL is the leading cause of death from childhood cancer. In the initial study 27 of 30 children treated with CAR T-cell therapy had their cancer go into remission. That is a 90% success rate for a cancer that was previously 0%. Many patients showed no sign of recurrence months after treatment. Although it wasn’t a permanent cure, no medical approach had ever worked with this cancer.

The treatment involves drawing blood from the patient and separating out the T-cells. The T-cells are genetically engineered (GE) in a laboratory using a virus to produce a specific glycoprotein (sugar) receptor on their surface that is unique to ALL cells. The patient undergoes chemotherapy (lymphodepleting) to destroy all other competing immune system cells that might mitigate the GE T-cells. The GE T-cells are then infused back into the child so they can multiply and attack the cancer. The GE glycoprotein allows the T-cell to “see” the ALL cancer cells and destroy them by connecting with this specific sugar antenna.

If you would like more information, I discuss some of the side effects and issues associated with this therapy in the Wellness Support Group webinar entitled Immunotherapy. Pharmaceutical companies are using glycobiology and genetic engineering to create synthetic drugs. But they never share with the public the power of these sugars found in nature. These sugars in their natural form come from roots, tree bark, fruits, vegetables, and plant bitters. They are incredible in stimulating and supporting our immune system. I discuss them in section three (the glycobiology section) of my book. Big Pharma cannot patent nature and thus, they cannot make money from it so don’t be surprised if you never hear about nutritional glycobiology from them. The real power for healing always comes from nature.

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