Angie and I had the opportunity to go to a screening of a new movie coming out: ‘Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth. The movie focused on the stories of families of “vaccine-injured children.” The parents are not “anti-vaxx.” They are “ex-vaxx” because of the damage caused to their children from vaccinations that they felt were safe. This movie follows the events surrounding the first movie, Vaxxed. The efforts to suppress that movie created a ground swell of support. Many thousands of parents finally had hope that their stories might be told.

Vaxxed II follows a large motor home as it traveled around the United States meeting and filming the stories of vaccine-injured children. To hear how perfectly healthy children were taken in for their shots (completely trusting their pediatricians that it was safe) and then have their babies never be the same was riveting and terribly disturbing. Many experienced terrible reactions including lifelong medical conditions and even death. Some of these children didn’t have anything serious happen after the first, second or even third shot. Often the MMR shot was involved before a vaccine injury occurred. Sometimes they were teenagers getting their shots when the tipping point happened and they experienced life altering complications, severe disability, and/or death. Medical authorities have dismissed these parents and accused them of lying or being ignorant. When you hear their stories, you realize they are telling the truth but no one had been listening until now.

One of the extremely dangerous vaccines, Gardasil, has caused countless teenagers serious ramifications. It was hard to see these kids who showed all the signs of being healthy and active until the vaccine was administered. They suffered excruciating symptoms, hospitalizations, and extreme pain. They were left unable to function normally for the rest of their lives. The bus was covered with over seven thousand signatures from parents or children with stories of what had happened to them. Pictures of beautiful babies who died after their vaccinations were also displayed.

The most uplifting part of the movie was the interviews with parents of unvaccinated children. These children were healthier in all categories than the vaccinated children. The media scare of how unvaccinated children put the rest of us at risk was shown to be completely unfounded. It becomes immediately clear why there are no vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies when it comes to vaccines. The robust health of the unvaccinated child is what every parent wishes for their child. No one takes their baby in to get their shots thinking they could be at risk for serious harm. And yet, it is happening all around us every day.

The movie is being privately screened due to the paranoia from the medical community, so you’ll need to get in touch with organizations like Your Health Freedom ( to find dates and times to see this film in your area or country. The information in the movie is extremely credible and undeniable. The risk is too great to be taken lightly. To view the trailer for the film, click here.

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