Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., delivered a stirring talk on the steps of the California Governor’s office after the passage and signing of a law requiring mandatory vaccinations in the State of California in September 2019. He raises a concern: if a government can vote to force mandatory injections of untested medical products (like vaccines) which have no liability and override parental objections, where do we draw the line? Will they be able to force abortions against the will of the mother? Will they be able to euthanize the sick and disabled who are deemed a burden on society? Where does it end?

This issue is becoming the new civil rights movement for parents who want to protect their children. It seems logical that parents have the right to control what happens to their children’s bodies. It is not the government’s right to override parents who physically gave birth (or legally adopted), emotionally nurture, and financially support that child. A disturbing precedent already exists in medical treatment of children who have cancer–children can be removed from parents and forced to undergo chemotherapy despite the objections of the parent and/or the child. Many parents view this chemical attack as poisoning their child and destroying their immune system. They prefer a less invasive, natural approach to fight cancer but this is not allowed. This heavy-handed, draconian approach is now being applied to vaccinations. When did we give all our rights away? It is time to join the fight.

Click hear to listen to his outstanding speech.

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