Wow! We just had another incredible weekend with a BootCamp experience here in our home. I’ve been terrible over the years to ask people to share their thoughts about their own experiences but FINALLY I made sure they had an opportunity to do it! And, their responses filled me right up and validated why we do this intensive 2 day (twelve-hour each day) event! Here’s just a sampling of their comments:

“What a beautiful, fantastic weekend! Love that love abides in the Law home and that you share it, cultivate it and grow it so sweetly with your acceptance, encouragement and support! I want to thank you for the tools, the book list, the kindness…Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!” Rhonda C.

“What a beautiful experience and precious gift you have given me–thank you Angie and Larry–this BootCamp experience is part of the beginning of my journey of change–REAL CHANGE! I can’t wait to do it again–Return and Report and continue to changeĀ for the better.” Julie Ann A.

“I feel as if I have spent 2 days in a room full of angels ready to give me inspiration on any aspect of life I’m working on. Perfect place for reflection, emotional connection and a flow of joy. Thank you for creating a place so perfect for this…Angie you are a blessing–I love you both!” Rebecca M.

“Bootcamp was a wonderful experience of meeting and connecting with and learning from so many amazing people. Thank You for weaving the beautiful tapestry that put all the lessons together! Thank you for putting your whole heart and soul into teaching and sharing with all of us…With much love and gratitude…” Debbie W.

“Unbelievable Value! Joy, Empowerment, purpose and integrity called up in such joyful ways. Worth so much more than money! There is life to take on and personal power ignited to lift my soul…” (unsigned)

“What a gift meeting and learning from others. Walked away with lots of thoughts to ponder about the many laws that govern our lives. There have been many new concepts for me. Being retired, I have different goals that others may not have. Given me new ideas to explore. All the amazing, healthy food too! Angie and Larry are amazing to open their home and share their knowledge and experience. Thank You for your gift of sharing. I am truly thankful our lives have crossed.” Joyce S.

“I had hopes for some direction and I came away with way more than I had expected. So, HUGE, MUCH MORE, So many Ideas and Concepts to run with and with renewed confidence. Thank You!!” (unsigned)

“Thank you so much for this precious experience! I am the change I want to see in my life–This is a new reality for me!!!” (unsigned)

“I am in charge of change in me–persistence and practice–let it unfold. THANK YOU soo much!” (unsigned)

“From one earth angel to another. You have an amazing spirit. Thank you for your awesome and amazing gifts and talents. You are beautiful inside and out.” Ciara J.

“Angie and Larry–What a dynamic duo!! You’ve blessed my life and lifted burdens. Thank You Forever!” Lorie P.

“What a wonderful 2 days in your home. Loved your spirit and welcomed teachings and all I received from BootCamp. I learned so many new and old things, and met some amazing souls this weekend. Many blessings to your life’s work and may many thousands more feel the strength and growth of your message.” Kirk W.

“BootCamp was soo amazing–A beautiful, growing experience. I learned so much and made some beautiful friends. I would love to come again!!” (unsigned)

“Thank you so much Angie and Larry. The BootCamp was amazing–so much helpful information! What a gift you have–thank you for sharing it.” Barbara B.

“Thank You for adding to our journey to happiness, prosperity and health. BootCamp is a BIG STEP into our Great Future…Thank you for an amazing experience. Our future will be so much more enriched by the knowledge and friends we have made.” Jack S.

“Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and for sharing all of your gifts with us this weekend. You two are truly a gift to everyone you come in contact with!” Debbie Lynn L.

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