“If we are trying to win the war on cancer, doesn’t it make sense to talk to those who have already won? In fact, shouldn’t we be subjecting these amazing survivors to numerous scientific tests and asking them every question we can think of in an attempt to find out their secrets? Just because we cannot immediately explain why something happened, that does not mean we should ignore it–or worse, tell others to keep quiet about it. The example I always use is Alexander Fleming, a scientist who chose not to ignore an anomaly. As the story goes, in 1928 Fleming came back from vacation to find mold growing in many of his petri dishes, which was not surprising to him given his long absence. He began sterilizing the dishes, figuring that he simply needed to start his experiment over. Thankfully, though, he decided to pause and take a closer look, and this is when he noticed that all the bacteria in one particular dish were dead. Instead of ignoring this anomalous dish and dismissing it as a fluke, Fleming chose to investigate the matter further–and doing so led him to the discovery of penicillin.”

Dr. Kelly A. Turner has written an awesome book entitled, Radical Remission–Surviving Cancer Against All Odds. She documents cases classified by the medical community as spontaneous remission. These cancer patients found ways to overcome their cancer diagnosis. She researched for her dissertation over a thousand written cases of radical remission from cancer. She analyzed the stories and came up with 75 factors that seemed to play a role in the patient’s remission. She tabulated the frequency of each factor and categorized them into 9 key factors. Her book explains each of the key factors and highlights personal stories from patients who applied these principles.

The 9 key factors are:

Radically changing your diet

Taking control of your health

Following your intuition

Using herbs and supplements (See There’s An Elephant in the Room for more information on this)

Releasing suppressed emotions

Increasing positive emotions

Embracing social support

Deepening your spiritual connection

Having strong reasons for living

Since the book’s publication in 2014, she has collected more stories on her website, www.radicalremission.com. She has many thousands of cases of cancer patients taking action and seeing their cancer diagnosis completely reversed. You can even search for particular cancers on her site. These cases are real and give hope for overcoming this terrible disease.

Skin Cancer
Cholesterol, Calcium and High Protein Diets

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