The author of How to End the Autism Epidemic, J.B. Handley, notes that in his home state of Oregon there are 67 diseases the Oregon Health Authority tracks. Oregon has 67 “reportable” diseases but only 10 of these diseases have vaccines associated with them. The other 57 have no vaccines. Some of these diseases are so important that the state requires doctors report each case within 24 hours. There are 17 such diseases requiring immediate reporting. Only 4 of the 17 have a vaccine available for them. There is no vaccine for the remaining 13. This leaves 100% of Oregon’s children “unprotected” against these 13 diseases. It is interesting that no one mentions that statistic!

Health care providers know that vaccines don’t create a shield or protective ring around anyone. Each person’s individual immune system is responsible for that. Our immune system is our primary defense. Dr. Bob Sears explains, “A healthy immune system is the key to preventing infectious diseases. We are all exposed to millions of germs every day, and vaccines only cover a tiny fraction of one percent of these germs. So we must rely on our own immune system to fight off most potential infections.”

Every year there are outbreaks of diseases like measles, mumps, pertussis even in countries that have over 96% vaccination rates for them. How do you explain these outbreaks if everyone is vaccinated? Answer: Vaccines don’t work as well as you’ve been led to believe. A 2013 government study suggested a new theory on why that is. The researchers said that while the vaccine might keep most people from getting sick, it doesn’t prevent them for spreading the disease to others. The majority of people infected with measles, mumps, or pertussis were people who had been vaccinated! The mumps vaccine fails to provide immunity in at least 12% of the people receiving the vaccine. This is the reason we have mumps outbreaks even in highly vaccinated populations. There is no such thing as “herd immunity.”

In 2017, the CDC’s own Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices met to discuss vaccine efficacy. They stated, “research suggests that 10 or more years after the second childhood dose of mumps, protection against the virus fades enough to help outbreaks take hold.” Most of us haven’t heard about the lawsuit against Merck, the maker of the mumps vaccine. A whistle-blower, former employee of Merck, is claiming Merck hid and altered the data on the effectiveness of the mumps vaccine because it showed the vaccine did not work. The whistle-blower said, “the drug maker knew its vaccine was less effective than the purported 95% level, and alleged senior management was aware and oversaw testing that concealed the actual effectiveness.”

The lawsuit has been making its way through the legal system for 5 years since Merck continues to seek legal delays. Eventually, they will most likely settle out of court. This means the public will not hear about it as there will be a gag order. There are millions of dollars spent on lawyers with the purpose of keeping the public uninformed since it would be seriously detrimental to the companies who make these products. With billions of dollars at stake, the incentive is to keep the vaccines in place. When the evidence becomes too great and a vaccine is pulled, another one is ready to take it’s place. For anyone who seriously takes a close look at this industry, it becomes glaringly clear that the most important thing is not about the safety of these products, but about keeping the cash flow from drying up.

For more information on vaccine lies, see my book, There’s An Elephant in the Room–Exposing Hidden Truths in the Science of Health.


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