Most parents with autistic children believed vaccines were safe and effective. They were the most compliant of parents when it came to mainstream medical care. Their children received every vaccine and medical procedure recommended by the doctors whom they trusted. They are not “anti-vaxxers”; they are “ex-vaxxers.” The compliant parents learned the truth the hard way – by vaccine injury.

J.B. Handley, in his book, How to End the Autism Epidemic, writes about how ignorant he was concerning vaccinations: “Few parents know how recent our high-volume vaccine program really is (I certainly didn’t), how different the US vaccine schedule is from many other developed countries, how low US vaccination rates for children were as late as the 1980s (without any deadly epidemics), the wide range of side effects (“vaccine injury”) vaccines can create, the straightforward published science that shows vaccines are the culprit of an epidemic of autoimmune conditions (asthma, food allergies, etc.), or the fact that public health officials are well aware that clean water, sanitation, plumbing, and refrigeration had a much larger impact on infectious disease prevention than vaccines. These were so many things I didn’t know when I let my boys get all their vaccines; it’s hard to shake feelings of guilt for not doing my homework.”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the biggest lobby, the pharmaceutical industry, ensures the benefits of drugs and other products are exaggerated and their potential harm is downplayed. As a result, clinical guidelines, medical practices, and healthcare expenditure decisions are biased. Like any business, profits are their bottom line. Some people believe vaccines are a more noble cause and that they don’t produce the same profit motivation. However, the truth shows a 350-fold increase in profits from vaccines in the last 30 years. Vaccines were a $170 million industry in 1980 and will be a $60 billion industry in 2020.

The captive pawn of the pharmaceutical industry is the governmental agency called the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They are charged with safeguarding public health but they are also responsible for promoting drugs and vaccines. They work directly with the pharmaceutical companies and purchase all drugs for and in behalf of the government. They disperse them to regional operations centers throughout the United States. They are the official US drug pusher. Just like the way things operate at the Food and Drug Administration, public safety takes a back seat to promoting company profit agendas.

An example is the flu vaccine. For years, scientists not associated with Big Pharma have shown the absolute worthlessness of this vaccine. But the CDC uses scare tactics, fake science, and their authority to bully people into getting the flu vaccine annually or “risk death.” Several studies document that children who had received the flu vaccine don’t have a lower risk of getting the flu. They actually received a more than four times higher risk of getting other respiratory infections. This finding caused researchers to conclude that “the protection against influenza virus infection conferred by the flu vaccine was offset by an increased risk of other respiratory virus infections,” which they attributed to the flu vaccine’s “viral interference” with the natural immune system. The “cure” was definitely worse than the disease!

“For many decades, researchers believed the flu vaccine offered solid protection if it was a good match to the circulating strains; studies from the 1940s through the 1960s routinely showed an efficacy of 70% to 90%. But those studies relied on a misleading methodology. Without a simple way to detect the virus in the blood, researchers measured antibody levels, looking for a spike that occurs after infection. Then in the 1990s, sensitive polymerase chain reaction tests enabled researchers to actually measure viral levels, and they told a very different story…Earlier assessments had  exaggerated vaccine efficacy. What’s more, efficacy was sometimes low even when the vaccine and circulating strains appeared well matched.”

In plain English, the annual flu vaccine offers virtually no protection. It actually increased the risk for other respiratory diseases. Yet, the public is never made aware of these facts. The CDC is judge and jury. There are no checks and balances. Many CDC employees end up on the payroll of Big Pharma. One example is the director of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding. She moved from her position as head of the CDC to president of Merck’s vaccine division (the largest vaccine company in the world). Do you detect any conflict of interest? Now they push the flu vaccine on pregnant moms – can you believe it? Pregnant moms never do drugs because of the risk to their baby. Why is it okay to push this drug that offers no benefit? Unfortunately, this is just the tip of iceberg. For more information on the flu vaccine and other vaccines, see my book, There’s An Elephant in the Room–Exposing Hidden Truths in the Science of Health.


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