J.B. Handley in his book, How To End The Autism Epidemic addresses a favorite myth promoted by those seeking to divert attention from the argument that vaccines can cause autism. Their goal is to sow enough seeds of doubt and confusion concerning autism that people will never investigate vaccinations as a culprit for autism. Steven Silberman published a book entitled NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity in which he advocates that autism has always been with us and nothing new is going on. By denying the epidemic there is no responsibility to change anything. He even argues that autism is a logical evolution (neurodiversity) which is likely an underappreciated form of genius. Movies like Rain Man and the new TV series on ABC, The Good Doctor romanticize extraordinary powers by the autistic while ignoring the devastating disabilities.

Handley explains, “Because autism can’t be diagnosed with a blood test, it’s diagnosed through observation, and anyone possessing enough qualities of autism has autism. The hallmarks of an autism diagnosis include early onset of symptoms (typically before thirty months), an inability to relate to others (called “social-emotional reciprocity”), “gross deficits” in language development, peculiar speech patterns, and unusual relationships with the environment (attachment to inanimate objects, rigidity, etc.)”

At least 28 percent of eight-year old children with autism physically harm themselves (“self-injurious behavior”). They are far sicker than non-autism children with severe headaches, diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders, ear infections, food allergies, asthma, etc. Over 33 percent have epilepsy which is a brain disorder marked by recurring seizures and convulsions. And finally, they die 12 to 30 years before their counterparts. Sleepless nights are common for most parental caregivers–they will quickly enlighten anyone wanting to romance the disabilities associated with autism.

Dr. Paul Offit is professor of Vaccinology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. His argument about autism is that “it’s not an actual epidemic. In the mid-1990s, the definition of autism was broadened to what is now called autism spectrum disorder…if you took the current criteria and went back 50 years, you’d see about as many children with autism then.”

Unfortunately for Dr. Offit, his argument is all smoke and mirrors. As any baby boomer knows, there were no autistic kids in the school classrooms of the 1950s and 1960s like there are today. If we just diagnose better today, then where are all the grown-ups who had autism back then? Are they invisible? As logic will attest, there aren’t any now because there weren’t any kids with autism back then.

This is all validated by a landmark, scientific study from 1970. This study looked for autism across the state of Wisconsin (nearly 899,000 kids were evaluated). Dr. Treffert and his team found only 0.7 children per 10,000 with autism. In case you don’t remember, this is where the 1 in 10,000 number for autism comes from. It is the established baseline for all later comparisons. He also noted that boys outnumbered girls by 3.4 to 1 which is true today and found children with autism had parents with “high educational attainment and low incidence of mental illness” which are variables still true today.

Another study in North Dakota in 1987, found the rate had gone from 1 in 10,000 to only 3.3 per 10,000 which was a very small increase over a 17 year period. This would all begin to rapidly change a few years later when the number of vaccinations dramatically increased followed by a huge acceleration in autism diagnoses. Thirty years later, in December 2017, the CDC published that the latest statistics for autism were now 277 per 10,000. Said another way, 1 in every 36 children today is diagnosed with autism and the rate is accelerating. Some scientists estimate as many as 50 percent of our children will be diagnosed with autism within the next decade. It took 50 years to change the government’s attitude on whether smoking cigarettes caused lung cancer. Our children are running out of time. We need to demand accountability for the autism epidemic.

It might help to know that Dr. Offit has made millions of dollars on the rotavirus vaccine he helped invent. He used his position on government certification boards to get it on the US recommended vaccine schedule despite this being a huge conflict of interest. He is a paid spokesman for Merck, the largest vaccine maker in the world, despite trying to appear unbiased in public presentations. His motivation is that the autism epidemic is the single biggest threat to the vaccine program in America. He will do anything to deflect attention.

In conclusion, the autism epidemic is real. It is not due to better diagnoses. It was virtually unknown before 1970. It has grown exponentially (277 times more likely) in only a few decades. It isn’t genetic. There isn’t an autism gene. There are more than 850 genes associated with autism and no one gene explains more than 1 percent of autism. Something has happened in our environment starting in the 1990s. This just happens to coincide with the increase in the number of vaccines on the childhood schedule. The number of vaccines tripled as vaccine makers were indemnified in 1986. They were actually freed from any threat of lawsuit related to vaccine injury. That represents a “get-out-of-jail-free” profit opportunity with absolutely no risk nor liability for causing harm.

The vaccine injury court has ruled that vaccines can cause autism. Scientific studies since 2007 have demonstrated piece by piece how “immune activation events” during critical phases of infant brain development cause inflammation in the baby’s brain leading to autism. Vaccinations containing aluminum are designed to trigger an immune reaction (immune activation event). There is no doubt anymore that vaccines can cause autism in perfectly healthy babies who come in for their “well-baby check.”

In future articles, I will share with you the biological studies the public is unaware of which prove this assertion. Money and deception are the only things keeping the truth from the public. For more information on vaccinations, see my book.

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