What fun for me to be associating with a bunch of teenagers lately as I’ve been going into the local High Schools to teach. I love how they think and how open they are to learn. It’s been a JOY and I’m learning so much from them too! They are neat, smart, engaging and just fun to be around. =D They are receptive to my story and relate to it as well!

Have you been tuning into the Podcasts? See below for three ways to listen…this week we do some Q&A. Also, have you seen the eCookbook?? It’s finished, new and improved–love how easy it is to simply swap key ingredients to make anything you love to eat, good for you too! REMEMBER to see the Wellness Support Group Webinar for this Wednesday March 20th (tomorrow) 6pm mountain time…the topic: The Dangers of Mercury. These webinars are FREE but you do need to register so you’ll receive the link and reminders.


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