I had two in depth conversations recently with two different people who both live in different states. Both of these people had a long history of autoimmune disease and both gave me their permission to share a little bit of their stories. Somehow they got a hold of one of our webinars, A Wellness Journey (you can register for one or more of these free webinars if you’d like to see it also). I always love talking with people who are pro-active, people who won’t take the status quo as an option. These two people were both willing to do what it takes–they were done settling for less. They instinctively knew it wouldn’t be easy, they got that it wasn’t about a magic thing to make them well! I loved hearing from them how they recognized there were many components to wellness. We talked about these 5 areas:






It was easy for them to see they needed to address the physical aspect of their lives. Their diet, the supplements they were ingesting, exercise, sleep etc. And, they were so very grateful they could get expert help after attending our class at least for being directed to vetted supplements they could trust from companies who were doing it right (if you’d like to see the list of vetted resources you may request them at www.GRMVetted.org). They understood their spiritual lives and both felt deeply settled with it. Mentally they were both stressed because they had been seeking for answers for so many years. Both had some success but also tremendous disappointment as the help always seemed to be fleeting. They were mostly miserable in ways related to their immune function but believed they’d improve mentally as their health improved.

We discussed their social lives. One of these people told me they were married and she said, “I have a good husband who is gratefully supportive but he would like his “girlfriend” back…it’s been so hard over the years since I’ve been dealing with so much stuff…” The other person is single and he said, “I’d like to be more social someday but my health keeps me from getting out much and really I can’t afford to even think about my social life because I’m spending so much time and money trying to get well…it’s a challenge just for me to get to work!”

When we got to the Emotional component of wellness neither of them had ever even considered it as being something that important. Neither of them had spent much time on what the state of their emotional health was. Except to know they were exhausted from being stressed physically they agreed they were stressed emotionally because of it. But, neither thought there was really anything they could do about that. They said they felt if they were well they believed their emotional well-being wouldn’t be a problem.

I suggested to both that addressing their emotional health first and foremost would be much more helpful than MOST of the supplements on the market were. It is true that there are a few critical raw materials that must be in place as far as supplements go (if we could eat them in our food that would be ideal but they are largely missing due to many factors so supplementing them is important–our class outlines them) but when combined with emotional well-being even these critical components work much better! I shared with these two people how back in 1990 I learned that I had better address the emotional part of my life seriously and as I did (and still do!) it made a huge difference for the quality of my life.

Eating right, getting the right supplements in, exercising, being sure your spiritual life is in place, challenging yourself mentally, socially AND working on your emotional life are all part of the wellness journey! If you are unsure how you can address your emotional well-being there are a LOT of options in that area. The book I first read that opened me up to the idea that the emotional component was important is still in print today–it’s that helpful! It’s called, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman. You can see it on our website and receive a discount there if you’d like to read it. I believe it is what kept me out of the hospital especially when I was most sure there’d be no other way out (and it would have been a dead-end!). I still refer to this book today. But, it’s not the only thing available as I’ve since learned of many other modalities of addressing our emotional well-being so find what works or resonates with you and be serious about it. Those who do will find all aspects of their lives beginning to improve! It’s a remarkable journey. It’s a real journey not a nothing process–no magic pill to make it all go away but when these components discussed are in place it is an amazing thing to witness how the body can do what it was designed and created to do! Trust it.

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