A well baby checkup can be an intimidating experience for a new mom bringing her baby to the pediatrician’s office. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is intensifying their efforts to pressure moms to vaccinate their children earlier and earlier despite concerns of immune system function or maturity. Regardless of parental concerns, many pediatricians are taking the hard-line position that they do not have to discuss vaccinations with parents. They can threaten their patients with dismissal from their practice if the parent wants to delay or abstain from a vaccination.

Forty years ago, infants and children were getting half as many vaccines as they do today. Parents had no information at all about vaccine risks. Moms just followed the doctor’s orders.

Today, the subject of vaccination is the most discussed health topic in America. Everyday parents are cajoled into believing that the health of the nation depends upon making sure their children get every one of the 69 doses of 16 CDC recommended vaccines exactly on schedule. Click here to see a short clip of how moms are made to feel like criminals when they try to talk to their pediatrician about delaying vaccinations.  In addition, the last chapter in my book, There’s An Elephant in the Room–Exposing Hidden Truths in the Science of Health contains an excellent summary of the risks every parent should know when in comes to vaccines.

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