Here in the U.S. it is Thanksgiving week. This means we gather with friends and family and celebrate with a big (or small) FEAST. It’s a time when days are generally cooler and having the oven on feels good. We love our favorite smells wafting through the house and everyone is in the mood for eating the traditional or not so traditional fare. Thanksgiving is also the time we focus on all that we are grateful for!

What if you are not feeling so festive? What if you’re not feeling there’s much to be grateful for? What if you feel your hopes and dreams have not been fulfilled? What if you feel like everyone else has the perfect family? The perfect home? The perfect holiday cheer? But, you, yourself do not feel you have any of that perfectness? There’s only ONE solution…

GRATITUDE. Really. It’s truly THE ONLY antidote for “lack”. When you’re feeling lack you can be sure you are not in gratitude. So when you’re not feeling happy about your circumstances first be gentle with yourself as everyone has blue days occasionally but DO begin replacing all that’s “wrong” with all that’s right in your thoughts, actions and speech! No matter your situation there is always something to be grateful for.

The miracle of being in gratitude is that it brings MORE into your life. More peace, more joy, more love, more happiness, more of everything. When you catch yourself complaining or sulking, wishing for a better, or a different life try replacing that feeling with something positive. Instead of, “I wish I had a boyfriend who would do a thoughtful thing for me…” switch it to; “I’m soo grateful I am the one who can bring a bit of holiday cheer for someone today…” Instead of, “Why don’t I get to have the happy holiday table set for family and friends…” switch it to; “What a blessing it is to have my part of the world festive and happy in the way I can do it right now.” Instead of, “If I only had children or grandchildren near…” switch it to; “How lovely it is that my life is peaceful, quiet and calm…” OR “What neighborhood child can I spoil with a bit of holiday cheer…pie baking fun or…” Look for ways you can bring into your life that which blesses someone else and watch to see how you are blessed by it too!

Whatever is meaningful for you, decide to CREATE IT. Reach out and look for all that is right and good in your world. See what you can do to bring joy and holiday cheer into your every day throughout this holiday season. Don’t underestimate the power of the simple things–it doesn’t have to cost money. Look for and soak up all the good. Be happy for others and their joy. When we truly feel happiness for other people’s happiness we are in essence saying, “all that is coming for me too!” If you find yourself envious or begrudging someone else’s joy it’s as if you’re saying, “I don’t like any of that…” and you will get more of what you don’t like. FOCUS on ALL that’s right and good and you will get more of what’s right and good! THAT’s being in GRATITUDE.

Make it a beautiful holiday season whatever your circumstances. There is sooo very much to be grateful for.

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