Sayer Ji recently wrote an article documenting 15 health benefits from peppermint. We have used this essential oil with great benefit. If you need a trusted resource for quality essential oils like peppermint, click here. There is a lot of scientific research centered on peppermint and gastro-intestinal disorders.

Peppermint in water was also proven in a 2007 study to prevent pain and cracking of nipples in breastfeeding mothers. In addition, a 2002 case study found that topical peppermint oil treatment created “near immediate improvement of shingles associated neuropathic pain symptoms.” And those benefits remained for at least 2 months. Larger numbers of people are suffering from shingles as we vaccinate more and more people for chicken pox. Relief from the pain associated with this painful disease is very appreciated.

Mouthwashes typically depend on the chemical chlorhexidine to kill Streptococcus bacteria which create a biofilm associated with dental cavities. Peppermint oil extract was found to be superior to the mouthwash chemical.

To see all of the benefits click on the following link: Sayer Ji’s article is available here.

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