I like that my grandchildren love to play games. It’s fun to have them come visit because not only do I ALWAYS LOVE seeing them but I also love that it’s easy getting them to play games with ME! With their grandpa, however, we have to get creative by enticing and pulling him away from his studying–luckily he’s such a good sport we usually succeed. No one ever has to entice me! Since I’m always ready for playing, I really look forward to this special time we spend together.

The other day one of our grandsons got to come and he brought his cute “puppy” Hansel with him. He’s a HUGE puppy-dog and has the sweetest personality. His sister is Gretel. She is a tad bit feisty but truly they BOTH are soo adorable and fun for the grand kids to love. For me, I’m always glad to have the dogs visit but can’t imagine taking care of two large dogs on a daily basis! However, the kids do it so well; they love those dogs which makes me happy and proud of them. I love my family and truly grateful we live near most of them. Building Healthy Relationships takes effort but there are many great ways of doing it–just ask a boy and his dog!

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