It’s interesting to work in a field that’s disruptive. Interesting because on the one hand it’s life-saving and life-altering but then on the other hand it messes up everything comfortable in a person’s life. I remember back in 2004 when I learned that everything I thought was “good” for me turned out wasn’t good for me and not only was it not good for me but I learned it was actually harming me! That was a shock. I remember opening my kitchen cupboards and saying to myself, “There’s absolutely nothing I can ever eat again!”

Not only did I not know what I was ever going to eat again but I also had no idea what supplements I could take since I learned that nearly all of the 50 supplements I was taking were not helpful. To say I was stressed would be an understatement. I knew I had to figure it out. I knew if I didn’t figure out what could be done to help me, I was going to die. So, for me, the fact that the things I was learning were disruptive, didn’t matter–I needed something disruptive! It’s what saved me from myself and all that I had previously thought was truth.

But, what about people who aren’t fighting for their lives? What about people who feel like everything’s just fine with their health because they haven’t been diagnosed with anything?  What about those who may be bothered with little health “issues” popping up here and there but nothing earth shattering? What happens to those people who feel like they need to eat a bit better, should exercise a bit more, need to drink less alcohol and drink more water and maybe take a few supplements but don’t think it matters what kind of “better” food they eat, or what kind of supplements they take?

What happens to these people when they learn our wheat has been over-hybridized so much so that our bodies no longer recognize it? Or when they learn the ramifications of GMOs which have infiltrated our food supply? What about when they learn 95% of our supplements are synthetic and are most likely doing more harm than good? Or when they learn we are supposed to be eating specific “sugars” which are actually critical nutrients that are supposed to be coming from our food but have been largely stripped out of our food so that the only sugars we are getting are the kind that cause havoc with our immune systems? What happens then to these people? What are they supposed to do with this information?

There are two options. One–folks can dismiss it. Two–folks can investigate enough in order to get their head around it so they can decide if it’s worth being proactive. They can decide to take baby steps in order to make simple changes over the long haul believing it will make a difference for preventing health issues from becoming crisis’ later on.

As I said up front, it’s interesting working in a field that’s disruptive. On the one hand, we have countless people thanking us for the education that’s impacted their lives for good. And, on the other hand, we have people who come to class and leave saying, “oh great…now what can we eat?” with no intention of investigating further.

Looking back these many years, I can’t believe I ever worried about what I was going to eat! I can’t believe I ever wondered what supplements I could take that wouldn’t harm me! And, I can’t believe I ever came that close to death not knowing there were other options. I look back all these years and am sooo grateful I am enjoying the quality of life I had always felt was elusive! It is great to live well. It’s awesome not having a monkey hanging on my back every day. It’s amazing to live well without fear of what’s coming next. Disruptive? YES. And, that’s a good thing!!

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