Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote an article for the Organic Consumers Association discussing what the guilty verdict in a California lawsuit which found Roundup™ caused cancer will do to Bayer who recently bought Monsanto.

“In a special telephone meeting on Thursday, August 23, Bayer AG’s CEO Werner Bauman tried to reassure the German conglomerate’s principal shareholders who were concerned about the recent drop in the company’s stock. Bayer’s stock fell dramatically after an unfavorable verdict against Bayer’s St. Louis subsidiary, Monsanto. Bauman expressed his confidence in Monsanto and predicted a sunny future for its flagship herbicide, Roundup™. He told his top-tier investors that Bayer had performed an adequate due-diligence on Monsanto before purchasing the troubled company for $66 billion this past June. At the time of its purchase, Monsanto told its German suitors that a $270-million set-aside would cover all its outstanding liabilities arising from Monsanto’s 5,000 Roundup™ cancer lawsuits.”

But surprise, surprise–their own aspirin might not be enough to solve this headache. The California lawsuit judgment was for $289 million!  Whoops–what they set aside is all gone! And this is only one of 5,000 more cases working their way through the legal system. Even with deep financial pockets, Bayer may be regretting their purchase of Monsanto. The active ingredient in Roundup™ is glyphosate. It causes cancer–the lawsuit clearly establishes it as fact.

The company who lied about poisoning our military with Agent Orange during the Vietnam War has been poisoning human, animals and the environment with Roundup™ for decades. They also created Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and have lied about this technology and the effects of this food on health for over 25 years. Supported by their cronies at the USDA and FDA who work in a revolving door between government and industry, it should come as no surprise that greed and secrecy have driven their successful efforts at keeping the public in the dark. Monsanto is now married to Bayer who created chemical warfare in World War I with the introduction of mustard gas and chlorine gas which later morphed into the poisons used in chemotherapy. They seem made for each other–the perfect couple. Read the entire story about corrupt judges, false science, and money by clicking here.

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