We recently got an old photo from one of Larry’s, United States Air Force Academy classmates. It was super fun to see my cute husband when he was just barely a man (see the handsome guy front row, bottom right second from the end?) Even more fun to see how a couple of our grandchildren look soooo much like he did then.

Looking at that picture brings back such fond memories for Larry. He was part of a tremendous group of guys who were a great support for each other. It was a real treat to re-connect with many of them at Larry’s 40th class reunion not long ago. One who was missing, however, was his closest friend Ed. In this picture he was standing top right, back row. He was diagnosed with cancer and while he fought for his life and lived for multiple years after the initial diagnosis, it did reoccur as so often is the case. He left a beautiful wife and two young children. The hardest thing for Larry was not being able to help him with what he came to understand (after 40,000 hours of study and research) which he documented in his book, There’s an Elephant in the Room–Exposing Hidden Truths in the Science of Health. But, one thing that will never be taken is the friendship they had together.

We can’t know exactly what our futures will hold. We can’t avoid all heartache, sorrow or trial. But, we can guarantee that when we build relationships of love, support and trust, we create the best way to live. That’s living with no regrets.

Larry wishes he could have helped his best friend. However, he can know now how his work is bringing hope, health and real living to countless thousands and that’s a meaningful way for him and for us all to live.

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