We’re still enjoying cool summer treats as we are in sweltering heat in my part of the world…Sooo grateful for healthy option treats like this one! (Be sure to buy Non-GMO and organic ingredients where possible).




1 fresh Pineapple (cut, cubed and frozen)

2 large, ripe bananas (broken into chunks and frozen)

1 can coconut milk cream


Add frozen fruit into blender, add coconut cream and give it a whirl…if it’s too thick add a bit of water, not too much though as you want it thick! For a fun serving idea you can use the pineapple “shell” as a boat to serve the ice-cream in. Just cut down through the pineapple to make two halves and after the fruit is scooped out you have two nice containers for serving the ice cream in. Be sure to refrigerate the “boats” until the pineapple is frozen and ready to use OR just have frozen pineapple handy beforehand. 

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