I got a call the other day from a person who is just beginning to get REAL nutrition into his diet. He had a few questions which I was so happy to help with because I remember not knowing what to expect when I began getting real nutrition into my body back in 2004. I was so stressed and such a wreck physically. To say I was leery anything could really help me, would be an understatement! Thank goodness I didn’t have any other options left because that kept me moving forward with nutrition. Let me share a few things I learned which may help—just based on my experience:

FIRST: It’s critical to know if the nutrition you are taking is REAL…don’t assume the company selling the product is motivated to tell you anything NOT positive about their products…there is so much marketing hype and even blatant deception so taking one of our free community classes will give you a good start for knowing what to look for.

SECOND: When you are certain you are getting the FEW, REAL things needed so your immune system can wake-up and begin doing the job it knows how to do, then know that consistency is huge…Look to the future. This time NEXT YEAR and the next, and next and next…it’s time that will make all the difference.

THIRD: Look for an energy increase and/or an under-lying sense of well-being. When you FEEL it (you won’t have to guess as it will be a certain difference!) then you’ll know you’re getting enough in on a daily basis so hang in there.

FOURTH: IF you are eating fast-food or other highly processed foods regularly or beating up your immune system with sodas (diet or not), alcohol, cigarettes, GMO foods and the heavy-laden, sprayed foods, then it will be harder to get “on-top” of the problems. So, take steps (even baby steps) to improve your diet to help the process and not hinder it.

FIFTH: Drinking GOOD water will help flush out all the toxins. When you feel something disconcerting, that is most likely your body cleaning out. Hang in there—it will get better! It’s actually cause to celebrate WHEN YOUR BODY BEGINS dumping toxins! =D

SIXTH: The physical component to wellness is not the ONLY component. If you don’t see enough benefit from REAL nutrition, then be sure the other components like emotional, spiritual, mental and social health are also in place. There’s not ONE MAGIC solution to wellness. There is a WHOLE to each of us. It’s remarkable what the human body is capable of doing! Trust it. Put the critical things in place and watch the process. Enjoy the journey and reap the benefits!

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