I was talking to some middle-aged friends of mine who all agreed they were done with dieting. Each expressed their own reasons but the common thread was that diets don’t work because they’re not sustainable. Diets may produce results in the short term but for most people diets are not long term solutions. My “mature” friends shared they’ve decided that dieting at all is just not something they will ever do again–they were, for sure, DONE with it! So how do these gals maintain their healthy weight? These simple steps below are not only practical but make a lot of good sense!

  1. Eat ONLY when you are hungry.
    Novel idea! How many times throughout the day are we finding ourselves putting food into our mouth when we really aren’t even hungry? Stop. Think. And then ONLY eat when you’re really hungry. Sometimes it’s thirst not hunger. If you’re not sure if you’re hungry or not WAIT until you are sure.
  2. Eat slowly and without distraction.
    Turn off the TV, put down the newspaper or favorite book. Minimize conversation at least until you are really familiar with how to eat while paying attention to what you’re eating. Think about what you are eating and enjoy the food, savoring every bite by giving it your full attention.
  3. Eat ONLY what you love.
    Don’t waste your stomach on “teasers,” those things we just put in our mouth because they are right in front of us. Take thought about what you really want to eat and eat only that. When you “listen” to what your body really NEEDS you will begin eating less junk food and begin to eat REAL food with pleasure but only do it when you’re ready. No need to deprive yourself just be open to what you really want and/or need. You’re body will tell you.
  4. Eat until you are satisfied.
    On a scale of 1-10 “satisfied” is approximately a 5. Stop at 5 and don’t eat again until you are truly at a zero–that means you’re hungry. Eat more slowly which will also help you to realize when you are nice and satisfied since it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register your “fullness.”
  5. Get moving with only the things you enjoy doing.
    If you love dancing, dance. If you love walking, walk. If you love swimming, swim. Don’t do any exercise you despise. Do something just 5 minutes a day until you feel like doing 10 minutes or more. As you drop unwanted weight your energy will increase making it fun to do as much movement as you’d like!
  6. Stay off the scale.
    Judge your weight by how you feel in your clothes! Each of us have different body types…there’s no one “right” weight for all. Learn to love yourself right where you’re at…implement these simple steps and see how eating to live is a very different thing than living to eat!
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