I read an article several years ago written in The Alternative Daily, June 11, 2014, which asked the question, “Are you eating a common sugar-substitute that doubles as an insecticide?” The article pointed out a good example of marketing deception and why we consumers should be wary of taking anything at face value! And, while this article was written 4 years ago it’s only gotten worse…more and more people are waking up to the concern that artificial sugar-substitutes are not what the marketing would make them believe.

These “natural” substitutes can make the claims based on the plant in its natural form. Truvia, for instance, can market itself as a natural product because it is based around the natural form of stevia. But, when you look into what it’s actually made of most people would not want to eat it. Rebiana is the star ingredient and this is a processed form of stevia. Processing anything that is natural rarely results in something that resembles the real thing.

Erythritol, Insecticide, and Fruit Flies

The article pointed out that the sugar alcohol, erythritol found in Truvia actually functions as an insecticide. In a study using sugar alternatives on fruit flies, the flies exposed to the Truvia died on average after 5.8 days while the non-sweetened controlled group lived between 38.6 and 50.8 days. Another thing I found very interesting was that the researchers learned the fruit flies seemed to prefer Truvia to the other sweeteners. This was the sweetener that was killing them so quickly! The authors write, “ingested erythritol decreased fruit fly longevity in a dose-dependent manner and erythritol was ingested by flies that had free access to control (sucrose) foods” They concluded, “erythritol may be used as a novel, environmentally sustainable and human safe approach for insect pest control.” While it may be safe for humans to be around, that doesn’t mean it’s safe for it to be in our food especially as this erythritol is mainly derived from GMO corn.

What Tastes Good is Not Necessarily Good to Eat

It’s crazy and makes you wonder how much we eat simply because it just tastes good–we love it so much that we are even driven to want it and prefer it over anything else. We eat it even if it actually could be causing great damage in our bodies and could be leading to many of the quality of life issues, chronic and even life threatening, which people suffer with. Thankfully, there are options for real, natural, plant sourced sugar-substitutes and real nutrition which are not harmful to the body. Our non-profit organization, the GRM is dedicated to taking the guess-work out of it for folks…we direct to options that are safe and trusted. Our classes help provide a foundation for what is critical for the body so it functions optimally. Be sure to check out our free webinar schedule here–would love to have you join us.

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