I had a conversation with a successful, professional gal in her early 40’s a few days ago. The conversation was hard to hear but one I’ve heard many times before and one I certainly identified with. She shared a long history of her health challenges, her hidden emotional struggles due to them and her feelings of being overwhelmed on what to do–how and where to begin to pull herself together. She felt she had exhausted all her options. She was completely spent. In her desperation for answers a friend of hers told her that she had seen a post on FB about my husband, Larry’s book, There’s an Elephant in the Room–Exposing Hidden Truths in the Science of Health. The title intrigued her so she ordered it immediately without knowing what she would find and she contacted me through private messenger.

I think when the student is ready to learn the teacher appears–is a statement ever so true and continues to be applicable in my life too! Anyway, I was so grateful to answer the questions she had in this simple way:

  1. Start slow with baby steps to clean up the diet. Eliminate the easiest things first and replace them with better options (swap highly processed foods for whole, real foods…Larry’s book went into detail on this so she could use it as a guide)
  2. Begin incorporating REAL supplements with a FEW but absolutely necessary things:
    • Sugar-nutrients (she learned about their critical nature in the book and why they make all the difference…)
    • Pre/Probiotics for gut health (the “dream team” to pair with the sugar-nutrients)
    • Vitamins/Minerals (critical that these are not synthetic/inorganic…she learned the difference about that in the book as well)

It’s not that there aren’t other good things to supplement with but I’ve found it’s much better to eat REAL food and incorporate just a few things (that are lacking in even our real food) than it is to overwhelm ourselves by constantly grasping for the next, latest-greatest thing. These few critical things will make such a huge difference there may not be a need for anything more.

I shared with her that our non-profit organization does the vetting of companies and their products in order to help folks find those things which are really helpful instead of the products which may, at the very least, just be throwing money away or at the very most may actually be harmful to ingest. She had been leery about whether or not she could trust what was on any given label. She was as surprised as I had been many years ago to learn that there really wasn’t anyone looking out for us. She also believed, as I once did, that there couldn’t be anything sold to the public that could actually be harmful! It was an eye-opener for her to learn that this was far from the truth.

She said to me, “I was impressed to see a book easy to read and yet scientifically backed and comprehensive. The 30 pages of endnotes gave me options for my own study and now feel I have hope for the first time in my adult life. I want to thank you and your husband for it!” It was so nice for her to share and I could really feel her sincerity. In 2004 I too, felt I owed my life to those who had gone before–those who wouldn’t settle for the status quo. Those who knew the human body wasn’t designed to decline with sickness and disease—it could function brilliantly given the raw materials required to do so!

Wellness isn’t “a nothing process.” It is a real process with REAL HOPE. If you would like to get a copy of Larry’s book you can get a signed one from our website here. OR get it from Amazon. We would love to hear YOUR thoughts on it too. If you would like to have a list of vetted, safe and trusted resources you can go to GRMVetted.org to request it. We do our best to get discounts for anyone who decides they want to purchase from any of the companies as well.

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