Nothing says spring to me more than enjoying a beautiful, fresh, spring salad! I love sitting on my deck with the glorious spring temperatures, looking at all the newly blooming trees and eating a beautiful salad for lunch! Give this yummy one a try:


12 oz of baby spinach (I like mixed greens also)

16 oz of sliced strawberries

8 oz of fresh blueberries

1 cup pecan pieces (toasting them is great too!)

4 oz crumbled feta cheese


1/2 cup Avocado oil

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1/4 water

1/2 half lemon squeezed (catch the seeds!)

3 T. sugar (or 4 T. trehalose be sure it’s a non-gmo source)

1 glove garlic crushed


Whisk all ingredients together and drizzle over individual servings of salad. Lightly dressing with the amount desired…careful not to drench it as you can always add more but it’s hard to take off if you get too much! =D

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