BEC5 is an extract from eggplant and Devil’s Apple in Australia. A veterinarian friend of Dr. Bill Cham discovered the compound after hearing the story of how a cow with eye cancer was cured after rubbing its eye on the plant. Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat, M.D., explains the compound consists of “a couple of glycoalkaloids that when combined have a very selective receptor emolliated, anti-cancer affect. What it means is that these two compounds, because of the carbohydrate residue they have, trigger a response with very specific receptors that happen to be over expressed in cancer cells and under expressed, or not expressed at all, in normal cells. When this compound hits the receptor and joins in, it is internalized into the cell and it triggers what is known as apoptosis.” This is exactly what we teach in class about glycobiology and apoptosis!

It was so effective, “the Australian Society for Dermatology [Research] complained to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which is the same as the FDA down there down under. They had documented 70,000 people cured their own skin cancer with his stuff. And he was selling it over the counter…‘Put this stuff on prescription. Only doctors should treat.’ So the Therapeutic Goods Administration put it on prescription…Hardly any of the dermatologists prescribed this stuff.” So, the public couldn’t get it anymore. But the government authorities were not done with the Chams. A woman called Mrs. Cham and said her mother had skin cancer and she couldn’t afford to pay the doctors and get a prescription. Mrs. Cham explained it was no longer legal for them to sell it. But the lady persisted, playing on her sympathies over multiple phone calls until she relented to sell her one tube. Mrs. Cham was promptly arrested for selling an illegal substance. Fortunately, the judge threw the case out as entrapment. But he told them confidentially, that he had seen this behavior before and the authorities would never let up. He advised them privately to move out of Australia. They took his advice and moved to Vanuatu, a small Pacific island nation where it is not illegal to cure skin cancer. So, once again, people can get it legally for their own use.

A company in the United States made up their own batch because Dr. Cham did not have a patent on it. The FDA took this company to court in 2005 and the court levied a fine of $1 million in damages. This is just more evidence the allopathic system is more interested in keeping the status quo than in actually healing people. The GRM has vetted a source for BEC5 with a very favorable discount–if you are interested, go to to request it. 

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