Since Larry has published half of his 15-part series on Cannabis, I wanted to add my commentary on the subject matter. Because we have had many people ask our opinion for a safe and trusted resource for CBD oil we have had to tell everyone we are in the “vetting process” and haven’t found one we were completely comfortable with—YET. Given what we know about how plants are altered in so many different ways we consumers truly have no idea what’s actual and factual as it has to do with deciphering the truth about supplements. Tracing product materials back to their original sources is not easy to do. It is difficult for us as consumers to know what to trust as most companies either cannot assay the material as it comes in to them OR they don’t care to do the due diligence needed to be sure it is what it claims to be.

Another factor is to see how plants have been grown, harvested, processed and packaged before consumers get the products they are made from. This matters a lot! Even companies that claim “start to finish” control of their plants (which is good) still may have practices which are not desirable. For instance, taking out all the THC from CBD oil so there is zero left is not a natural thing. The naturally occurring THC has benefit and having levels which do not exceed 0.3% is perfectly legal and beneficial. So, there is much to consider when looking at what a company markets to consumers. It’s actually hard to trust what companies say as they are very clever with their marketing. What we get in supplements is not necessarily what is touted on the label OR on websites!

We care more about what goes into our bodies than being sure we support companies whose bottom line is to market what they get as cheaply as possible and sell it for as much as they can to support their business model and their bottom line. We have taken these many months looking into it as we didn’t want to be duped when it came to finding a good resource for CBD oil. After a lot of looking and hearing people say, “this is the best” or “that is the best” we have been able to weed out what for sure isn’t what it may appear to be on the surface. I do believe within just a few short weeks we will have an option secured. For those of you wanting to know our opinion, as with anything else, you can request the list of resources at and the “blurbs” will come weekly to you. When we finalize the option for CBD oil, we will announce it and you will see it there on the list—it is coming soon!

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