In the 1960s, THC levels in plants were normally about four percent. Today it is common to see levels of THC in the 13% range although some oils can be as high as 50% due to the concentration of the oil. There have been no fatal overdoses or deaths associated with THC at any level according to The National Academy of Sciences, Medicine and Engineering 400 page report on the subject. Many neurological effects are ascribed to THC, but the psychoactive high appears to result from the rapid release and uptake of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine in the brain. This effect magnifies any thought or sensation by engaging a larger population of neurons for activities being experienced at the moment. This also triggers the adrenalin release responsible for mild euphoria. A temporary norepinephrine decline and reaction to the adrenalin then leads to physical and mental drowsiness until normal levels are restored.

Cognitive and behavioral changes are not the only effects of THC. The cannabinoid engages the immune system and quells inflammation. It spurs appetite, triggers the release of hunger hormones and jump-starts our metabolism. It can also have a sedative effect—it makes us blissfully sleepy. While scientists figured out how THC is used by the body via the endocannabinoid system, it took them another five years to isolate a THC-like substance that our bodies create naturally. That compound is why we have cell receptors in the brain looking for THC-like compounds. The human produced version of THC is called anandamide. So, we naturally create a THC-like version of cannabis within our bodies. Ensuring we get adequate plant-based supplementation of this natural compound can dramatically help when we are depleted.

Our GRM organization is in the process of looking for and vetting resources for a safe and trusted Cannabis oil as there is much marketing hype surrounding many of these supplements. Anytime something gets attention (attention it deserves in this case!), there will be those who abuse that and bring to market whatever they can as quickly as they can to meet the demand even though it may or may not be beneficial for the body to ingest. Not all cannabis is the same which is why prudence is needed when shopping for a good option. When we have a resource which meets the criteria for our vetting process we will bring it to the list. To request this list you can go to

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