The human version of THC created in the body, anandamide, also inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation. It is found in chocolate (so we know it has to be good!). There are some differences between anandamide made inside our bodies and THC which comes externally from the plant. THC lasts longer. Anandamide begins to break down in minutes after binding to a cell. THC can last several days which is a big difference. CBD works by inhibiting the fatty acid amide hydroxyls (FAAH) enzyme. This enzyme destroys anandamide in the body. So, stopping this enzyme from functioning increases the level of natural endocannabinoids present in the body and allows them to perform their anti-inflammatory and useful forgetting functions.

I mentioned previously that cannabis has compounds called terpenes which are responsible for the aroma of cannabis. These can combine with or dissolve in lipids (fats). Terpenes also bind to receptors and neurotransmitters. Like neurotransmitters, they act as serotonin uptake inhibitors and work in a fashion similar to Prozac (an antidepressant) but they are natural, unlike Prozac. Terpenes can enhance norepinephrine activity in a similar way to Elavil (another antidepressant). Terpenes increase dopamine activity and they augment gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is the downer neurotransmitter that counters glutamate which is the upper. It is clear the plant has many phytochemicals which will require further research to document all of its benefits.

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