If you’ve been blessed to know my husband, attend a class of his or listen to a lecture, you’ll know he is in his element when he is teaching! Here is a picture (on the blog) of him in his office teaching the webinar for this month. It’s a familiar place for him and I love seeing him there. I love seeing him do what he loves best and that is teaching! He loves teaching what he’s studied, researched and documented. His book is a testament of that. Have you seen it? Have you read it? Take a look and allow it to bless your life–not only does it have 30 pages of footnotes, there is now an index for easy referencing. In the 40 years I have been in love with Larry there isn’t a day that goes by that he isn’t reading a book. Thousands of books I dare say!! He LOVES to learn.

Larry has been my best teacher and he has also been the best student. He has learned at the feet of the greatest minds, the greatest truth seekers, authors of all kinds and he takes the good to incorporate it. How he admires the many, many¬†authors he has gleaned so much from. And, when it comes to the our non-profit GRM work, his gift is to take complicated stuff and break it down into manageable pieces and impart it to us. This is how he has been able to reach many, many people who otherwise may never have had an option for this education. He could see why it was out of reach for most because it’s not easy to access. It’s not in one nice tidy place and it’s hard to decipher what’s being said if we do run into it in the science world! It’s his gift and I’m grateful!

So, I’m a proud wife. I’m proud of him for his dedication to truth. I’m proud of the fact that even though he always finds time for reading he also always has time for his family–it’s a priority. He knows his kids and he knows each of his 20 grandchildren too. He is a beloved father, a beloved grandfather, a beloved teacher, mentor and above all he is my beloved husband whom I’m so very thankful for! He didn’t shy away from seeking answers when no one else could offer me hope. He was dogged in his study, he was determined to find the truth and he did. What he learned not only saved my life but changed the entire course of it. It has been a journey on so many levels…nothing I could have ever dreamed we’d be doing together. But, I’m grateful to be here doing it with him and interacting with thousands of great people like YOU. Thank you for your support, for your questions, for your emails, texts, FB messages and so many other ways you have touched our lives. This is healthy relationship building at its finest. We’re grateful to be along for the ride with each of you–thank you also for sharing with those you love and care about…this is how we spread the good work of the GRM…non-profit work is not for the faint of heart. We soo appreciate your support!


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