Earlier this month just after our New Year’s celebration we traveled to Idaho with our kids and grandchildren. Even though we had all been together for most of December already there were two important occasions we just couldn’t miss for two of our grandchildren! Good thing we all like each other–a lot, because that is A LOT of togetherness!

We all stayed in a large, vacation rental home which was a beautiful, sprawling cabin. The owners of the cabin continued to build onto it over the years so it was a ton of fun with kid-friendly, secret passageways and hideouts. Right outside the doors on their large property the family took some of the space and built an ice castle attraction. It happened that the weekend we were there it was their grand opening. What fun for us to look out the windows to see the creative imagination of their hard work. Folks from the surrounding area came and enjoyed the fun of touring the colorful ice sculptures, sipping hot cocoa and watching the various other attractions they had–like the guy who ate fire, as an extra perk!

It was clear to see that the family who began their dream with a modest cabin which they built themselves, had goals for much more than what they could do comfortably. Over the years as they were able, they added to their home until it was, as it is now, a great space for large families who need somewhere to stay so they could all be together–like our family with 18 grandchildren! But, they didn’t stop there. They continued to envision what could have even more impact. They began contemplating what their home and property could be used for–how they could bless more than just those who could rent their home for a vacation stay. And, that is what we witnessed the weekend we were there!

There are no limits to what our imagination can actually manifest! I enjoyed seeing that in preparation for this family’s grand opening. We saw them all out at the ice castle working hard from early morning until just minutes before the crowds began to come. They worked together as a family, hoping for a great opening night…they realized their hard work come to fruition that weekend and I’m sure many nights thereafter and no doubt will continue through the winter season. What else will they realize? Time will tell but for sure their hard work not only blessed countless lives it also came back to bless their own–for a job well done and financially as well!

Such nice people. Super kind people, friendly and helpful to us and our big crew even though they had plenty on their plate that weekend. Amazing what can be accomplished without endless resources, without national attention, without funding from a benevolent benefactor! Our dreams can be realized and we can do it while building healthy relationships with the people we love the most. This good family is a great example of that! Check out LaBelle Lake in Rigby, ID.

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