N-acetylglucosamine (NAG) is a modified version of glucose which plays a critical structural role in cell receptors. It is not metabolized as fuel. It is a building block for cell construction for the communication antennas. NAG is a key activator and mediator of cell signaling.¹⁶ The thyroid gland has a NAG receptor indicating a role in transport of thyroglobulin within the gland. Glucosamine is a building block of damaged cartilage in joints. It inhibits metabolic breakdown. It is directly involved with repair of damaged cartilage. We can often see glucosamine and chondroitin sold together in drug stores to aid in joint repair. However, finding a quality product is unfortunately, not as easy as going to the corner drug store.

Dr. Demetriou at the University of California Irvine Center for Immunology was published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, 16 Nov 2007. He found NAG suppresses the growth and function of abnormal T-cells responsible for autoimmune attack in MS and Type 1 Diabetes. NAG prevented T-cell hyperactivity that results in autoimmune attack on brain myelin and the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. He found that preventing this attack of the body on itself protects against the development of paralysis in MS as well as elevated glucose in diabetes. He stated, “This finding shows the potential of using a dietary supplement to help treat autoimmune diseases. Most importantly, we understand how this sugar-based supplement inhibits the cells that attack the body, making metabolic therapy a rational approach to prevent or treat these debilitating diseases.” These statements blew me away. To say that nutritional glycobiology could be beneficial in treating disease is not something I see every day! This is amazing since most scientists who are doing the studies only believe drugs are needed.  The researcher felt a dietary supplement of NAG should be considered as a treatment for MS—a devastating autoimmune disease—seriously! WOW, maybe one day it will be common knowledge that supporting the body with the raw materials it requires can work wonders!

One would think that the National MS Society would at least mention this on their website. While briefly giving lip service to alternative options like cannabis and acupuncture, there is no mention of NAG. In fact, they still have the outdated advice recommending high fiber and low fat as an optimum diet for MS sufferers. From their website (Salt Lake chapter), “Although various diets have been promoted to cure or control MS, no diet has been proven to modify the course of MS. MS specialists recommend that people follow the same high fiber, low fat diet that is recommended for all adults.” Their recommendation is to continue the same diet that resulted in MS! This is incredible. There are many people who eliminate modern gluten and dairy and demonstrate incredible benefit with neurological issues. Have they ever funded a human study to investigate dietary changes? No. They are not interested in those types of natural solutions. They are looking for the miracle silver bullet—the latest drug. Eat low fat? That advice has been withdrawn by the U.S. government since 2015. Brains are 25% cholesterol. The last thing we want to do is limit good fat. It is no wonder these institutions are so far behind the times. They are fronts for allopathic treatments and pharmacological approaches. There is no consideration given to diet and real nutrition.  

In another study published in the same journal, researchers found improvement in 75% of children with treatment-resistant autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease after a two year course of NAG. The majority of children who had no benefit from standard of care treatments were benefited by this sugar! And there were no side-effects. Autoimmune diseases are rampant. Why is this information kept secret from the public? There can only be one answer to that—there is no money in natural solutions. The sickcare system funds the media with advertising dollars. We don’t get to hear the truth. We only hear what money buys. No one is looking out for our health.

The foods we can find glucose in are readily abundant in modern diets. But, eating it in processed foods is not a healthy option. For those who manage to eliminate processed food from their diet, eating whole fruit with its fiber would be an excellent source. Raw honey is a very powerful source.  N-acetylglucosamine can be obtained from shark cartilage, shells of crab, lobster or shrimp and shiitake mushroom but the body can make this N-acetyl amino form if it has sufficient quantities of glucose.

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