I’m sure it’s not possible that you’ve missed hearing about Larry’s book. But just in case–it’s finally published! And, for this week’s “Book Pick,” I couldn’t think of a better one to highlight! We have been overwhelmed with the kind comments from excited readers who got one of the early copies. We appreciate so much the good reports!

It’s been nice for Larry and I to actually HOLD the book and read it as anyone would read it–much nicer than reading it on a computer screen. It’s full of great content touching on topics that are not only life-impacting but actually critical for life! Reading through its pages you will learn about how our food has been altered, what the ramifications are with modern wheat and Genetic Engineering or as they are called, GMOs. There is a section on what the difference is between synthetic and natural vitamins and organic verses inorganic minerals. You’ll learn what chemicals disrupt our endocrine system–the thyroid, thymus, adrenal glands and hormones.

You’ll be amazed when you read the section on nutritional glycobiology which focuses on how the sugars of glycobiology are found in mother’s breast milk and how they impact our blood, our immune system, autoimmune disease, degenerative disease and an entire chapter on cancer and why there is real hope with alternative cancer treatments.

Finally in the last section of this book you’ll get a good handle on how we can beat heart disease and diabetes–why they don’t need to be the epidemic that they are, you’ll understand the Cholesterol Lie, the medical properties of cannabis and why it has been villainized, what apoptosis is and why the death of a cell is critical for living well, how to decipher between good essential oils and oils that are better left alone and you’ll get a good foundation for why vaccines are more and more controversial.

This book is heavily documented with thirty pages of footnotes. Anyone who wants to study it for themselves will have the option to pursue it. Larry gives all the original source material credit, he backs up every point with scientific studies that shine a light on fundamentals many have ignored. It was a monumental effort of 40,000 hours of research and study since 2004. Larry exposes hidden truths in the science of health in this first and only book of its kind. It’s written so most people can read it, understand even complicated topics, glean from it and allow it to make a positive impact for the quality of their lives!

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet you can get it on Amazon OR if you’d like a signed copy you may order it on our website and Larry will be honored to sign it for you.

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