Nearly six months ago a friend gave me a packet of seeds with a beautiful note for Mother’s Day. I remember looking at those seeds and saying to myself, “I wish I could actually GROW them!” And, then as quick as I thought it, I decided I would give it a try. So, I got a pot and I planted those seeds in good organic soil. I put her note on my desk so it would remind me that I had to water the seeds, give them sunshine and generally be nice to them since I really had no idea what else they would need. Then I went about my life. There were days I thought for sure the seeds weren’t any good because they weren’t growing. But then, after there were signs of life, I thought to myself, “Ok awesome I may actually have flowers for summer!”

Summer came and went and while there was “green” in my pot it looked anything but beautiful! The plant was tall and spindly kind of what I’d picture a Charlie Brown pot of flowers to look like! It was nothing I had envisioned they’d be. There was no sign of flowering potential. I was ready to give up on them when my conscience got the best of me every time I had the inkling to just throw them away. After all, I’d spent so much time over the months watering (even feeling bad if I forgot two or three days of watering!) and I would even bring the pot inside if it was an especially bad-weather day. So, I kept at it not expecting much but not having the heart to dump them. Then, just yesterday–it happened. See the picture. It bloomed. A few days ago I thought I could see what might be buds appearing. Sure enough they were buds and now they are flowers. Looks like I’ll have a dozen flowers or more now just in time for our first lasting freeze. The weather has turned from fall to winter. I’ve brought the pot in for good now and I sit it near the window to give it plenty of light and, of course, I’m watering it.

I know it doesn’t seem like much especially to anyone with a green thumb. But, for me it represents stick-to-it-tive-ness! It represents the tortoise and the hare. It represents the pay day after having given my all no matter how long it took! Even though, of course, growing this pot of flowers (especially this pot of flowers!) didn’t take much and it was easy to do, it still would have been much easier not to do. I don’t actually like gardening. I don’t ever have plants alive in my house because of that. I don’t think growing things is fun! With this pot of flowers though, it was a challenge and an analogy for life in general. Like soo many things in my life, in our lives. The little, simple things are not hard to do but they are really easy not to do. Saying, I love you, Kisses hello and good-bye. Time spent together. Date-nights. Story time with little ones. Meals eaten around the table–together. Simple things. Easy to do. Easy not to do. The reward comes for those who choose to actually do the easy, simple things. Even when it seems hopeless at times…the reward comes if we trust the process. If we hang in there, and don’t ever, ever give up.

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