Can I just brag for a minute?? This month’s book pick is the BEST we have ever highlighted! That may be because I am a bit partial–but it’s TRUE. Yes, Larry has finally done it! His book is published and ready for the world and I couldn’t be more proud. The Elephant in the Room–Exposing Hidden Truths in the Science of Health will completely amaze, shock and delight you. Larry has taken the forty thousand hours of his study and research, condensed and complied it into one volume…a book that will be great to read cover to cover but even more impressive is that it can be used as a reference manual too. Referring to it often as questions or concerns arise will make this a must have book!

I love that Larry can take complicated subject matters as it has to do with the three areas of concern we cover in our classes: Altered Food, Supplementation and Glycobiology and make it not only understandable but enjoyable to read too. I especially love that he added an “Odds and Ends” section which covers other pertinent topics of great interest too.

Here’s the front cover for you to see and then watch for an email this weekend during the Summit hours for an option to purchase it at the discounted Summit price. An added perk for anyone who is in attendance is free shipping too! All those who purchase it during those two days will also receive a free download of the preface and a chapter to get started reading while you wait the short 7-10 days for it to arrive!

I’m so proud and grateful to have a husband who not only loves science but cared enough about me to delve into it! What he found completely changed the course of my life and I believe saved it too. I’m grateful you too will now be blessed by what he learned. It is so significant you won’t believe it’s not all over the news. Well, maybe you will believe why it’s not all over the news…there’s great incentive to keep it from the public! Read and make a decision you feel is best for yourself based on education not marketing hype or the sometimes blatant marketing deception so prevalent in the wellness industry today!

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