Each year at this time I yearn for a long drive to see the vibrant colors of fall! Larry is always a willing companion and gladly takes me for a drive. We don’t really care where we go so we enjoy wandering in neighborhoods, up and down the hills and into valleys taking in all the beauty of the area. Last year we went up into the mountains and it was truly gorgeous but this time we were happy hitting the lower elevations and it was a different beauty but every bit as beautiful!

It’s amazing to me as I witness the landscape change over the weeks and months as it transforms from the green of summer with it’s beautiful flowers to the dying vegetation as the green turns to yellow, red, orange and brown until all the color is gone and the white snow appears.  While I’m never quite ready for snow, I do soo love the warmth of holiday time…I love the glow of the fireplace, hot cocoa with my grandkids and the downtime I take to rejuvenate after a full summer. In fact, I think I can smell the turkey roasting right now as Thanksgiving here in the U.S. nears which means we will be surrounded by good food and family! Traditions make me happy and I look forward to each season and the traditions they bring.

I hope you soak up the beauty of the seasons. I hope you take time to build relationships with the traditions that are meaningful to you and your loved ones. If you don’t plan for it, it’s as if you’re planning not to make it all count. I have to be sure I plan the meaningful things or they would never happen! Building relationships happens because I plan and the planning ensures it happens.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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