I remember 20 years ago looking in my kitchen cupboards and saying to myself, “What in the world can we eat?!” Since I had been learning about the importance of cleaning up my diet and wanted to feed my kids better too I needed to clean out my cupboards. It was quite discouraging since basically EVERYTHING had to be thrown away! While I didn’t really know at the time that there would be good options for replacing most of it (I really thought I was going to be consigned to a miserable life without all the foods I loved!), I moved forward knowing I had to do it  in order to help my health improve. I would eventually learn how to make yummy substitutions–that were actually healthy options not just more junk food disguised as healthy options.

There really is a lot of great food to eat that’s REAL and WHOLESOME that doesn’t ONLY include grazing on salads or eating raw vegetables at every meal. I’m not knocking that however, it’s just that it’s not practical when feeding a family–especially if those kids aren’t isolated on a remote piece of land somewhere! I even get tired of only eating salads and vegetables…kids especially want to eat like everyone else does. But, as a parent who doesn’t want to fuel our kids with what we know is harming them it’s nice to know we can make a few simple swaps if we are willing to put a little forethought into it the rewards are great!

As a grandma of 18, I know when my grandkids come to visit we are going to want to have fun playing games, watching movies and hanging out in the kitchen too. Some of my fondest memories for me are of being in the kitchen with my grandma baking cookies–that’s healthy living too. I miss my grandma and want my grandkids to miss me too one day–not think of me as the grandma who could never make a fun treat!

We know kids are going to eat junk food. They are bombarded with it at every turn. There’s not a single event they are involved in where “food” is not a part of it. And, it’s guaranteed (for the most part anyway) the food is not going to be nutritious. This is why I want everything my kids and grandkids eat at my home to be good for them even if not PERFECTLY wholesome at least it’s not harmful (GMO and/or full of pesticides).

Here are some basic kitchen swaps I make:

All Purpose Flour ——————–White Kamut (there are other ancient grains but I like this one best)

Refined table sugar——————–A non-GMO Trehalose, Raw Honey (and sometimes a combination of both)

Brown Sugar——————————A non-GMO Trehalose with a bit of Black Strap Molasses added to the recipe

Baking Powder————————A non-GMO brand without Aluminum

Baking Soda————————–A non-GMO brand

Corn Starch———————————A non-GMO Tapioca Starch or non-GMO corn starch

Refined Salt—————————real Sea Salt

Milk——————————Raw Milk (or any of the nut milks if they are non-GMO…best to make them yourself though to ensure the nuts haven’t been sprayed with PPOs

Whipped Topping———————Heavy Cream from pastured-raised Organic cows whipped with trehalose

Jello——————————-plain unflavored gelatin to use with real fruit juice and fruit

Microwave popcorn———————————–non-GMO and Organic popping corn w/Coconut Oil popped on the stove top

Ice cream——————————–homemade with raw milk or coconut milk OR organic/non-GMO ice cream from the health food store

Marshmallows———————————-home made with gelatin and Trehalose and raw honey

Jam or Jelly——————————–Either buy a non-GMO, organic version at the healthfood store or easily make it with frozen organic berries and organic chia seeds

This is just a sampling of what I do to swap out ingredients for better and best options. The flour and sugar swap is the biggest thing. If you can get the ancient grain white kamut and the non-GMO Trehalose sugar that makes it the easiest and tastes most like what is familiar but won’t give any of the harmful side effects from the typical flour and sugar. I always google recipes but then make my own swaps.

When I use the white kamut flour I usually put just a little bit less than the recipe calls for. Maybe just 1/8 to 1/4 cup less. With the Trehalose there is a lot of marketing deception with this on-line so it’s imperative to be sure what is purchased is non-GMO. Since it isn’t as sweet as table sugar, if I need to make something sweeter (like a cake) I add just a bit of raw honey–maybe just 1-3 tablespoons depending on the recipe. What’s wonderful is both of these ingredients (Kamut flour and the Trehalose sugar) are good for the body. They won’t cause the damage that today’s flour and sugar cause. It’s just nice to know there are good options for when a treat is needed!

If you would like to know the resources the GRM uses for this flour and sugar just go to GRMVetted.org and request them. Happy Swapping! You can feel much better doing something good for yourself and your family by just cleaning up the ingredients in your cupboard.

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