These two grandsons pictured here were together in our home recently. The oldest who is 17 (and joyfully made ME a grandma!) came over and was hanging out for a day. I always love it when he comes because he obliges me with playing games–something I want to do every day but doesn’t happen often enough! ha! It wasn’t long before one of my youngest grandsons came to play games with us too (which he won several times!!), it was sheer joy for me to see how they could get along so well even though they are not peers. And, in fact how all three of us could get along so well even though none of us are peers! Ha ha…interesting how age does not matter when love and mutual respect exists.

It made me smile to see how kind and supportive the 17 year old could be for the 7 year old–they had fun goofing around even after we were finished playing games (although I need a re-match because I didn’t win any–usually I get to claim victory at least once!). I am so in love with these people I get to call my family. I’m truly grateful they love each other and they know I love them too. Healthy relationships don’t just happen. We have to cultivate them. What joy it is for me to watch the cultivation happen right before my eyes with 13 of our 18 grandchildren who live so close by. This is JOY. Truly, sheer JOY. Makes all the hard things faced in life seem less difficult. That’s what loving relationships do…ease the burdens which weigh on us from time to time.

I hated to see them go but alas the 7 year old had to get to his piano lessons and the 17 year old had to get on to other important things like asking a girl to his senior Homecoming dance! ha! (she said YES, and they had a great time–he sent me pictures and I was blessed to hear all about it)…love my family. JOY.

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