We’ve been working hard since 2004 doing what no one thought could be done. Not many people believed one person could make a difference or one person and then subsequently one, not-for-profit organization, I should say! It certainly was risky and we aren’t out of the risky woods yet. But, we are well on our way to impacting countless millions of people with our free community classes and webinars. These classes and webinars provide exposure to education that NO ONE has been willing to talk about or actually do something about. They expose the fact that this critical information has never been readily available–not until now that is!

I had to ask myself back then, “How could there be something so significant that none of us would know?” And, “WHY didn’t they LET US KNOW??” Just didn’t seem possible–until I learned none of us know because no one wanted to put time, effort, and money into something that couldn’t bring a return on their investment! Of course, that makes good business sense. But, what about when the information is critical for people’s lives?? What then? Truly, I still couldn’t believe no one cared enough to keep trying, keep working, keep plowing up hill to get access to this education TO ALL PEOPLE!

In my gut I believed one day everyone would have that option. I had total confidence and complete ignorance in my opinion that I COULD DO IT! Thankfully, my total confidence won out and my complete ignorance gave way to learning a few things along this crazy journey. We are still far from “finished” but I now know for sure that it CAN BE DONE. I know every person WHO WANTS to know will soon be able to! I know that in a coming day every person will have the option for what’s taken my husband more than 40,000 hours of reading, studying and research to find. He’s gathered from the best in their fields, top scientists, doctors and others who know and brought it into one place.

The Elephant in the Room–Hidden Truths Worth Talking About will change your life and your thinking on what makes a person healthy! It will shock and delight you. It is a book that will be a reference guide for years to come because someone dared to do what hasn’t been done–until now. It still makes me crazy to believe I nearly lost my life from my multiple auto-immune issues and the degenerative issue that would have killed me if I hadn’t died from the other issues first! To learn what my husband found and to realize its significance for human health–it had to be exposed.

It’s the elephant! Have YOU SEEN IT?? Watch the 1 minute video for the upcoming SUMMIT and see the experts we’re bringing in. They will speak on various topics of great interest and most importantly be sure to see the topics centered on SUGAR–is there anything GOOD that can come from sugar?! Make the trip to be here for THIS SUMMIT. Let THIS educational conference CHANGE YOUR LIFE as this education did mine–made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. It feels great to have a life. TO BE HERE TO TRULY ENJOY IT. TO BE FREE from sickness and disease when everyone said it wasn’t possible. OH BUT IT WAS. Come let us share with YOU. And, Larry’s book will be there FIRST for those who attend.

We will film all the lecturers, we will interview each of them too AND others who won’t be in attendance but have valuable help for us too…they will ALL be put in the docu-series we’re bringing to the world second quarter 2018!! THEN everyone who wants to know can know. What they do with the information is their choice but at least they’ll have the option without marketing hype and the sometimes blatant marketing-deception so prevalent in the wellness industry today!! At least it will be there–available, ALL can see it, ALL can read it and ALL CAN KNOW for themselves!

It’s coming. You watch and see. I was just one person who said, “IF NOT ME, THEN WHO??” because she wouldn’t accept that there were no more options for her life.

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