Are you in an early Summer Heat Wave?? We most certainly are! We’ve had multiple days of mid to high 90’s and it’s only mid-June. Heat calls for a refreshing, homemade drink…cool and refreshing. Popsicle’s for the kids too! Give this lemonade a try using the “safe” sugar Trehalose to make it a very nutritious drink. Be sure the Trehalose is non-GMO. If you need a safe source for Trehalose go to: and request it.
2 gallons of water
4 cups juice juiced from organic lemons
4 cups water
4 cups “safe” sugar (trehalose)
Make a simple syrup by heating low and slow the 4 cups of water with the 4 cups of trehalose.
Add the syrup, lemon juice and lemon slices into the 2 gallons of water. Add ice and serve or freeze in popsicle containers.
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