If you ask people, “What is cancer?” they don’t have a good answer. Some people think it is a gene gone awry, some think it may have started with a virus, some think it’s a chemical carcinogen, and some think it’s an unlucky bump or lump. There doesn’t seem to be a good consensus despite spending billions of dollars on research over the decades. Even cancer authorities don’t seem able to identify what it is or what causes it either. Removing a lump or a bump with surgery or radiation doesn’t get rid of it even when they they “got it all.” In most cases, the cancer comes back in a few short years. That’s because the lump or bump wasn’t the cancer in the first place. The practice of chemotherapy is even worse because it is completely unable to get rid of the parent cancer stem cells.

G. Edward Griffin has written several books on cancer. Of all the authorities I have read, I think he comes the closest to accurately describing cancer. He draws a sharp distinction between what allopathic medicine says and what alternative medicine says. Allopathic medicine insists that cancer is caused by something. Alternative medicine says “cancer is not caused by something. It is caused by the lack of something. The lack of something, a breakdown in the body’s normal ability to remain healthy…cancer is nothing but healing gone awry.” Lack of real nutrition plays a dominant role.

Griffin describes the process of scratching your hand with your fingernail. When you do that you probably scrape off hundreds of cells in that activity. Our body responds to that “injury” by sending signals out “triggering the mechanism to start growing new cells. This is natural. This is the healing process. When those cells are finally replaced, they will send signals out and the body says ‘that’s enough, stop now.’ But now if the signals are not working right, because of a chemical imbalance or some toxic intervention of some kind…Now it doesn’t  stop healing. So it just continues to heal and heal and over-heal and finally we have that famous lump or bump and ‘ah, it’s cancer.’ No, that’s a symptom of the cancer. The cancer is why didn’t the signals work? There’s something wrong with the signaling mechanism.”

Bingo. The National Academy of Science has explained that “altered glycosylation is a universal feature of cancer and contributes to pathogenesis and progression”. (Transforming Glycoscience: A Roadmap for the Future, National Academy of Sciences (NAS), October 2012). When glycans/sugars are not correctly installed in the cell receptors, autoimmune or degenerative disease results. This is exactly what we teach in our glycobiology classes. When cells do not communicate properly, the immune system gets confused. The immune system gets rid of abnormal cells every day of your life until one day it stops doing it properly. You will not be aware of this problem for 5 to 30 years depending upon how fast growing the cancer is but at some point there will be a symptom that has developed and a diagnosis can then be made. The signaling mechanism has failed.

The sugars we talk about in our classes are the key component for a properly functioning immune response. When they are in place the communication within the body takes place properly. When they are missing then the communication breaks down and we will know about that when we have symptoms. It’s nice to see the work of the GRM since 2004 is getting more and more validation as the science continues to march on. When you know where to look and what to listen for you will see the validation of this science in many, many places.


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