I’m fascinated with Essential Oils. I can see why they are so beneficial although I have never understood HOW to determine whether or not they are safe and/or effective. It wasn’t until a few years ago that Larry and I were able to listen to a lecture given by Holly Draper. Holly is a Certified Aromatherapist. Her credentials are impressive to say the least. I was so intrigued by what we learned I wanted to give essential oils a try but I didn’t know where to find any that fit the criteria she gave us when looking for oils that are truly safe and effective. I was delighted to learn last year that Holly herself decided to meet the demand and bring to market her own line of oils (if you’d like a 10% GRM discount for HER oils just send a request to support@angiesoption.com).

What To Look For

Here’s what I look for when finding oils that are free from marketing hype and/or deception:

Oils must be 100% pure, natural, carefully extracted without adulterants, extenders or fillers but also they need to be certified organic OR wildcrafted. When you use organic and/or wildcrafted you are getting a cleaner and stronger grade of oil. You can definitely smell the difference. When you get a higher grade of oil you can use less and get better results.

Dr. Jean Valnet, French medical doctor and world famous Aromatherapist said, “You must obtain an organic certification for citrus oils, if they are to be used internally at all.”  

And, Shirley Price and English Aromatherapist stated, “Organic plants are grown without the use of chemicals. When taking oils internally, it is important to use only those of certified organic quality.”


How can you tell if the oils are truly certified organic? Since this is not an easy task especially because every company who sells essential oils will only want to tell you what sounds like the real deal–no company is going to tell us something bad about their stuff. Soo, it’s not easy for us consumers to really know. However, we can and should do a bit of checking ourselves. Especially because all essential oils ARE NOT SAFE to ingest and we need to know which ARE NOT SAFE for children. And, oils which are safe to ingest would not be safe if they are not organic (or wildcrafted) simply because the pesticides get much more concentrated (like a 100 times!) when the oils are extracted and concentrated themselves before being put in bottles. And, speaking of the bottles…the color that keeps the oils most protected from the light is Cobalt Blue. That is also something to look for if and when you decide to purchase oils.

So, look for organic listed right on the ingredient list first. Since oils that are truly organic are a higher grade and they are more expensive and difficult to obtain companies won’t forget to list it on their bottle. Don’t be fooled by “100% pure” or “the most authentic essential oils in the world” or “carefully and thoroughly tested” or “certified pure therapeutic grade” or “superior quality” or a host of other carefully crafted words. As consumers we can simply look to see that each bottle says, ORGANIC or Wildcrafted.

Organic or Wildcrafted?

It is important to know that not ALL oils can even be sourced as organic! Some can only be purchased as wildcrafted. A company that has an expert Aromatherapist overseeing their oils will not sell you everything as organic. They will distinguish between what’s organic and what’s wildcrafted.

A telltale sign would be to ask a company if their Frankincense oil is organic. If they say, “Yes” then you’ll know the kind of oils they are purchasing are low-grade and should not be trusted. Frankincense can only be grown as wildcrafted so it is important to know the difference. A company which claims ALL their oils are organic may in fact be deceiving their customers by purchasing cheaper low-grade, non-organic oils, sending them to a “certified organic” warehouse and “holding” them there for some amount of time and then everything that comes out of that warehouse is considered “certified organic”! This is truly outrageous and unbelievable but not surprising!

Bottom Line

It is shocking what we’ve come to learn about many aspects of marketing. There usually is much hype and/or deception surrounding it. Promoting a product using all the right “buzz words” is what sells so companies can, and do, go to great lengths to win consumers over through effective marketing. And we, as the consumers, are subjected to that marketing because most of us don’t take the time to do the Sherlock Holmes type of investigation for EVERYTHING we eat or buy!! It’s no wonder we get suckered into poor purchases. And, while some of our poor purchases may not harm us today many, many of them do whether we recognize it immediately OR it “shows up” many years down the road!

When it comes to Essential Oils I am so happy we can now find oils that are actually REAL, safe, and effective therefore trusted to be truly beneficial for our health and wellness.

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